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“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Winston S. Churchill

We started seven years ago driven by a mantra that continues to stick with us: people should be empowered to express their personality, and design has a huge impact on how they do that. To serve this purpose, we developed a full stack of tools and services along the way. Check out our growing list of gems made to lend a hand for all the creators our there. 


The core of how we are serving our goals.

We design beautiful WordPress themes that solve real digital problems. We help our customers succeed in the online world by creating reliable solutions that improve their lives in a meaningful and sustainable way. Our aim is to be the best partners they could have in this journey, and craft memorable experiences together.


02 Plugins

The way we amplify results

We develop and maintain plugins that bring real added value to our customers. As active players in the WordPress community, we've always focused on going the extra mile and helping people achieve even better results. Our plugins are no exception in this particular sense.

01 Gridable

The Missed Grid Content Editor

Gridable allows you to create an adaptable and fully responsive grid in no time. It is integrated smoothly into the WordPress’s Editor interface, which makes this plugin a suitable choice for everyone out there. Learn More →

02 Customify

A Theme Customizer Booster

Customify help developers easily create advanced theme-specific options inside the WordPress Customizer. It is an excellent way to make visual tweaks without having any technical background. Learn More →

03 Fonto

Web Fonts Manager for WordPress

Fonto is a custom fonts management plugin that is seamlessly integrated with the WordPress's Editor. It allows you to use correctly any free or premium fonts, to match your top-notch personality. Learn More →

04 Nova Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress

Nova Blocks is a collection of distinctive Gutenberg blocks, committed to making your site shine like a newborn star. It is taking a design-driven approach to help you made the right decisions and showcase your content in the best shape. Learn More →


03 Guides

The path to become better

We created guides that facilitate the access to our knowledge and share them both with the team and external tribes that find value in them. We want to pass on the experience and the lessons we gathered in the process of becoming a better team.

01 Knowledge

WordPress Website Performance in this Day and Age

Down‐to‐earth yet proven tactics to improve your WordPress website’s performance and make it run fast and smooth, all packed in an easy to read free eBook.

How to Improve Your Writing Style

Learn how to put thoughts in writing in a way that fits your values and personality, how to capture emotions through your writing, and how to transmit human touch in communication.

02 Design Process

How we Design WordPress Themes

We share the design strategy that guides the way we build outstanding WordPress themes that people love. We value well-informed decision in this area, and we're happy to share our know-how with others that aim to craft better digital products.

03 Development

How we Do those Nice Things

We believe great development requires a consistent way of working, organizing and delivering products. We gladly share our insights and ideas to help others improve (or even dramatically change) their perspective on the technical side of the playground.


General guidelines for working with and developing our theme components in a sustainable and performant environment. Read Document →

Labels List

The labels' ecosystem that we use to organize the Github issues in a way that everyone understands and gets along without struggles. Read Document →

04 Support

How We Approach Support

We believe in the power of delivering memorable experiences for our customers. We give our best to get the job done with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. On top of that, we always focus on making the right thing right.

Customer Service Guide

How we communicate says a lot about who we are and what we stand for. We wrote an eBook about our particular way of dealing with global customers. Read eBook →

Writing Documentation

Maintaining documentation can be a painful blocker if it's not embraced with the right attitude. We gathered our best ideas on how to keep it on the right track. Read Document →

05 People

Working at Pixelgrade

We foster multidisciplinarity as a gateway towards evolution and innovation. We developed an internal strategy and process for recruiting, selecting and onboarding new people in a way that fits our core values.


04 Press and Interviews

Media Coverage

We always talk with joy and enthusiasm about what we do at Pixelgrade and how we do it. We're grateful to see that people are interested in hearing different bits of our story.

November 15, 2019

Our website's homepage design is mentioned among the best in the world, alongside websites like Dropbox, AirBnB, Chipotle, Medium, and more.

October 10, 2019

Honest review for our new theme, Rosa 2, a sequel of the best selling restaurant theme in the world, built 100% on Gutenberg.

December 7, 2018

We are among the few theme authors recommended by Hubspot for those looking for WordPress themes.

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Vlad offered a bunch of valuable insights about how we decided to develop Pixelgrade Club

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