Pixelgrade Club Affiliate Program

Join our Gang and start earn­ing $30 for each cus­tomer you bring to our grow­ing Club.

$30 per Sale, No Fuzzy Percentages Scheme

We like to keep things sim­ple. We offer you $30 for each cus­tomer you bring aboard. No debates, no behind-the-scenes details. Sky’s the lim­it!

Your Go-To Place to Get Help with Creative Assets

We’re in this togeth­er. We offer you a full set of cre­ative assets to help you pro­mote Pix­el­grade Club in the right tem­po. Visu­als, con­tent, pro­mo­tion­al ideas, you have it all.

A True Believer From Our Crew to Assist Your Efforts

We val­ue the human touch in every­thing we do. You will work with a ded­i­cat­ed fel­low who will stay in touch with you to lend a hand with what­ev­er you need to earn nice mon­ey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the entire Affil­i­ate Terms and Con­di­tions that we cre­at­ed espe­cial­ly for you.

It depends on how con­fi­dent and hard­work­ing you are. We encour­age you to believe that sky’s the lim­it in this sense. We always pay the com­mis­sions on the 15th work­ing day of the cal­en­dar month after a brief hold­ing peri­od of 30 days (both for a month­ly and year­ly plan).

All pay­ments are made via Pay­Pal to the address pro­vid­ed at sign up. No wor­ries if Pay­Pal is not avail­able where you live. Just drop us a line at affiliates@pixelgrade.com and we will find a solu­tion. 
In case your cus­tomer uses a pro­mo­tion­al code or coupon, pay­outs are adjust­ed accord­ing­ly.

It doesn’t mat­ter if a cus­tomer pays only for a few months of sub­scrip­tion. You still get your mon­ey aka $30. Please read the Terms and Con­di­tions to find out what hap­pens if the cus­tomer doesn’t pay for the first month or asks for a refund.

The core of our activ­i­ty typ­i­cal­ly attracts a wide range of blog­gers who use Word­Press. How­ev­er, we wel­come all types of affil­i­ates to join the par­ty as long as they trust our work. Fol­low the rules, embrace the chal­lenge, and you are in. We don’t focus on min­i­mum site vis­its while fil­ter­ing appli­ca­tions.

The Track­ing Cook­ie lasts for 90 days after the ini­tial click­thru. You will get a com­mis­sion if any one buys on that com­put­er before the cook­ie expires.

No. Your fee is fix — $30 and you get the mon­ey no mat­ter if the cus­tomer buys a month­ly or a year­ly plan.

Noth­ing at all. We don’t charge any fees of any kind. On top of that, we chal­lenge those who are not Pix­el­grade cus­tomers to embrace the pro­gram. Though, we’d love to have you as a cus­tomer!

We pay all the pay­outs, no mat­ter the val­ue. Focus on keep bring­ing peo­ple on our play­ground, and we’ll keep the cash grow­ing.

We’re here to help, so we cre­at­ed an in-depth doc­u­ment with action­able insights about where and how to pro­mote Pix­el­grade Club. The only thing we ask is that you don’t run adver­tis­ing cam­paigns via paid search. Please fol­low the brand guide­line too.

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About Pixelgrade Club


We’ve been cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful Word­Press themes for six years now, and we gath­ered a lot of insights along the way. No won­der why more than 40K peo­ple are already using our prod­ucts.

A col­lec­tion of sev­en (and count­ing) blog­ging Word­Press themes are now under the same roof — Pix­el­grade Club. Each of them has its per­son­al­i­ty and way of con­quer­ing people’s hearts.

By join­ing our Affil­i­ate Pro­gram you start earn­ing a pile of cash! You have every­thing you need to suc­ceed next to us, so join the par­ty. It will be fun!

Need an extra push? Read our Trans­paren­cy Reports to get the full pic about who we are and what we val­ue.

Stay awe­some!

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