The template is amazing! I have been using it for 2 months, it is very easy to customize it even for me, a guy who doesn’t have too many skills about Wordpress. However, if you have any question, the technical support is great, they answer you pretty fast. I totally recommend this template from Pixelgrade.

Very friendly and professional customer support. We used the Rosa theme, which elegantly incorporates the majority of modern day web components and effects. The theme is vibrant, easy to use and implement. The whole development took a few days with enough customizations to give the site a personal look and feel.

Rosa is super accessible and full of easy yet broad customization options. Its design brims with personality, and you know things are going to flow smoothly when you see how tidy the backend is. The food menu is well integrated, and carefully crafter custom blocks to power the theme. The Pixelgrade team shows they care about you and your project and help is literally, a click away!

Overall, my experience with the theme is good. It’s easy to set up and looks good pretty much out of the box. I didn’t feel the need to do too much customization. What I love about this theme is the typography and it’s super-clean look. I also like that even though it’s a travel-specific theme, it can also be used for general lifestyle blogging too. I’d recommend this theme to most bloggers, I have also received a lot of appreciation regarding the blog look.

The PILE theme is that “something else” we dreamed of: bold, creative, very elegant and fluid at the surface. “Behind the curtains” everything is easy, clear and flexible. With little imagination, we could adapt PILE to our needs. As for the PILE team, it deserves all our respect! We feel them like our friends 🙂 Thank you, Radu. Thanks to the team!

Patch looks different from the other themes. Their themes are easy to install and customize, have fast loading times and look great on all devices. Their customer support is on point, with clear answers and solutions to my problems.

How does it work? A question I never had to ask myself since I started using Julia. It was clear right from the start. And I don’t have to worry about something breaking with every WordPress update. If you want the best customer support and everything up and running by the blink of an eye, then go with Pixelgrade. Never had a struggle, the templates run like magic!

I am impressed with the helpdesk and the reaction time on a ticket and the personal touch. Now, with diving into a new theme Mies and redesigning a new feel for my website I am so happy to have chosen Pixelgrade again. Feeling/being a new-be again and building and re-discovering the amazing designs and options Pixelgrade provides, no sweat with that. For me, the most convincing thing was the possibility to see how other entrepreneurs are using their theme and making beautiful business with it.
Love the dog by the way 😉

Felt is the first theme I get from Pixelgrade and I found it to be a great looking theme, robust code, clean design, flexible, mobile & SEO friendly. Also, it’s easy to use and the layout is great.

The theme itself works very well and has enough documentation to make sure that you can configure it to your liking! I found the installation and use of their plugins quick to learn and use!

The best thing about this theme is the support team that is always available to help with the issues that you may encounter while preparing the theme.

I’ve had several questions about the theme and even a special request and the Pixel team has been super responsive. I’m new to building a website and feel like Heap is totally worth the money, plus it’s beautiful. I look forward to seeing what else they create!

I’m very happy with my Gema theme! My blog is going to look very nice with the help of the friendly support team Alin and Alex 😌. They are a perfect help! I saw the Gema theme on the long list of themes in Wordpress and decided to buy it. Thank you!

The team of Pixelgrade assisted me greatly during the time I customized the theme a bit to make it even more puristic. They helped me quickly and with lots of useful information. I am very happy to have this support and can highly recommend this friendly group of theme designers!

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Pixelgrade is Boutique Service, where I can get hands-on help and a family atmosphere. What sold me was the amazing portfolio of themes that I have not seen anywhere else and I felt I was not just one of many. I also love the customer service I have received!

While scrolling for a new layout for our blog, Julia caught our eye straight away. The menu, the homepage, all the options, were straight up our alley. The theme allows us to highlight our favorite posts, it’s so easy to work with and it looks just darn pretty!

I’ve set up over half a dozen websites between over the years for my photography and production agency. This has by far been the easiest and quickest to build while not sacrificing on usability. Everything works straight out of the box and the quick easy access pop up self help box makes any hurdle easy to jump over.
see it in action here –

BORDER theme is awesome and easy on the eyes, totally. We do need to pop up our images, we produce advertising campaign materials working with high-res photos and stuff like that and this theme – especially for the homepage slider – is perfect.

Setup and customization? Easy-peasy! And customer support over the top.
Thanks, PIXELGRADE, we’re gonna recommend your team to our best friends.

I found Noto through Instagram while I was looking for a new look for my website and I fell in love with it right away. Especially, because it’s not as focused on photography like most of the WordPress templates are. In addition, it’s really simple to use and I believe most writers don’t want to spend days setting up their website. However, the biggest plus is that it’s the perfect showcase for written words.

I have been using the Listable theme since December last year I am extremely satisfied with a few things. First of all, the theme design is quite superior compared to the other similar themes in the directories category. Secondly, you can customise pretty much everything with not much knowledge of coding. And lastly, which is the most important for me, is that the documentation pages are very helpful for setting-up, integrating various features and customizing the theme . And if that is not enough, the customer support, especially Alex and Alin are extremely helpful. They always go out of their way to provide a solution for any problem even if its not in their area of responsibilities. I highly recommend getting this theme!

Pixelgrade has been extremely personable and helpful with my queries, plus their theme is very well made and extendable. I was particularly impressed with the colour schemer and overall admin quality, including well-labelled sections, good layout, no spelling errors in the code.

Design, design, design! It is the fundamental reason I purchase any theme for my website. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it must also meet my performance and functional needs (ex. speed, navigation, available widgets). And Vasco exceeded all of my expectations! I was sold on the look and feel of the theme, and once installed, I was up and running within hours. When I did come across an issue, the Pixelgrade team was great to work with and responded promptly with solutions I could easily implement. I would recommend Vasco to anyone looking to represent their brand in a fun and unique way!

Beautiful design and easy to use back-end. Great video documentation to clearly demonstrate how to make changes, making it super easy for me to customise my site. Customer service 10/10 for response time, helpfulness and great manner in which my query was answered.

Just installed the Gema theme for my blog and love it! The design is so unique and really stands out among so many others! The support team has been very helpful as well!

When we were looking for a functional and modern WordPress theme for our next project Listable was the wider choice, but eventually, people from Pixelgrade have proven how professional they are in solving all our requirements. The more we use this product, the more we are proud of our decision. Two things we like most about this Theme, namely: 1 – Support 2 – Updates. We highly recommend Listable & Pixelgrade, and hope that we will have a long-term cooperation. Thank You and keep going with great work!

We’ve been using Listable for a couple of years and are very happy with it. We don’t have any background in websites/coding/programming/etc and this is the first time any of us have used WP, so we can’t comment on code quality or how customisable it is relative to other themes or anything like that. But we’ve done quite a bit of customisation to get everything how we want it and have over 30 plugins, and it generally all holds together without any issues. When things do go wrong and Google doesn’t provide an easy answer we have to ask for help, and at those times the people behind Listable have always been easy to deal with. Definitely happy to continue using the theme and to recommend to others.

We did careful research and we could not decide on a theme because all the fashion-related ones were “cookie-cutter” design. Hive clicked instantly because it was special – timeless, easy to use and accessible.

I wanted a particular structure, a certain flow of information, to make my content easy to read without any random clutter. When I found Gema, I knew it’s the right one for me – aesthetically and functionally. It’s flexible and easy to customize, so I don’t get annoyed when I want to do a minor change.

I was looking for something unique that will represent me and my brand. Vasco is colorful, fun, easy on the eye and allows me to tell my story without the need for too many customizations and tweaks, although the options are definitely there. I also like that Pixelgrade has a small team focused on providing a personalized experience to every customer.

I was amazed by Pixelgrade’s website and bundle of themes. I chose them because the themes are different than anything else I’ve seen on WordPress. It helps that they have a personal approach and warm attitude towards their customers, are modern, flexible and easy to communicate with. If I were to describe Pixelgrade to a friend I would say they are like a cozy local grocery shop: a place where people greet you by name when you walk in and already know your preferences.

I’m using the BORDER theme for one of my clients’ site. For photographers website, BORDER is really a must. Easy to configure, fast answer from the Pixelgrade team in case of problems, for a good result!

I decided to choose the best: the best design, technical solution, and customer support, and I chose Pixelgrade. A unique, beautiful and high-quality design with excellent customer support makes up for the price. I think their work is worth a lot more than they charge and I recommend Pixelgrade with a clear conscience.

I wanted to be able to display content in a number of different ways such as recent blogs, popular blogs, events (etc) and Felt looked like it could do all of this exactly how I needed. The amount of customizable options in Felt is incredible. There isn’t a single thing I’ve not been able to do.

On a number of occasions I’ve considered paying a web designer to do my blog but Felt gave me the tools to get the site looking exactly as I want it to.

Patch is like a chic outfit with black gloves and a sexy hat you would wear on a train while everybody else is wearing jeans. The simple and clean visual approach, along with the flexible layouts that adapt to your content are the top features of this theme. The digital magazine feeling given by Patch is definitely contributing to a unique reading and writing experience.

The design quality was the main attribute for why I chose Pixelgrade. The themes are well built, beautiful, easy to use and look professional. The editing mode is very nice, there are so many options to choose from, you can change everything as you want. I really appreciate your customer support and the documentation you provide.

Highly recommended. The Pixelgrade team is a joy to work with, and their themes are as well. My favorite is the Rosa theme, but I have also used some of their other themes such as Osteria, Patch, and Gema, all excellent. If you want to impress your clients, use one of their themes.

I bought the Heap template, and was amazed at how much I was really purchasing! Amazing template with great flexibility/customizability. Simple to use interface with choice of font, colors, sizing, columns and much more. Most of all the customer service is impeccable. They offered me prompt service and CSS codes to further customize my site. Keep in mind I have NO coding experience, and they helped make my site building a breeze. Thanks, guys!

The after-sales service is fast and efficient. They have a lot of patience and I couldn’t be happier with service. I purchased the Listable theme to build an online business directory and had no idea what I was letting myself in for, being totally ignorant when it comes to computer lingo. I have made so many errors, ending up downloading the demo again and again, rebuilding and altering and cussing….but am glad I went through these “birth” pains as I now know my site inside out. I think the theme was extremely well thought out. It is merely me who is ignorant. The more I understand it, the more I love it.
Thanks guys!!

I spent literally weeks on finding a proper and cool design for my blog. The moment I saw Patch, I knew this is what I wanted! First of all, it really stands out from the usual blog themes and second of all I’m in love with the clean, minimalistic yet elegant design. The theme editor is super easy to use and I gotta say, I’m pleasantly satisfied with the support team!

I want to express my appreciation to Alin and all the staff of Pixelgrade!
I’m not a programmer or someone who makes sites every day, but with their theme (Mies) and WP, I had a nice and quick site.
The important thing is that you can have a fantastic result in not much time. You can use a guide to understand everything, but also ask questions if you do not understand qualchecosa. Someone will respond within a few minutes and you should not waste time. I would recommend this theme to all my friends … the architects and graphics .. because it is very effective

I’m extremely happy with the Lens Theme. I love the simplicity of design and as a photographer, I like the way how the portfolio can be organised in projects and galleries without any fuss. Kudos to the design team! I’m fairly new to Wordpress but customisation with the Lens Theme is a breeze! Whenever I get stuck I write to support and the response is super quick. I would like to especially thank Alex and Alin for putting up with my barrage of requests and coming up with solutions that work for me. Cheers! I would recommend this simple and yet effective theme to every photographer who’s looking to showcase his work.

I like the — let’s say — mas­cu­line design of the tem­plate that suits a rebel. I didn’t want to have this kind of typ­i­cal female style design on my blog.

I love its sim­plic­i­ty. It’s just an end­less stream of con­tent. Hive pro­motes diver­si­ty through its adapt­abil­i­ty to every kind of for­mat you want to post. This makes it excit­ing although it’s very sim­ple.

Not only is this theme beautifully designed and easy to learn how to use but the customer support for it is absolutely excellent. This is the second theme I’ve bought from this seller and both are ones I would highly recommend.

I have used the Rosa theme for a recent restaurant site that I have created. I loved the theme from the start, it had everything I wanted plus looked amazing. It’s always a worry buying a theme, as you know that you will have a steep learning curve to make it do what you want.

Importing the dummy content was a breeze (which never happens for me!) and working out how to use it has been a piece of cake. I love the parallax features, and the way in which the theme works with these. The outcome has been superb, and the site looks amazing!

The support has been incredible (when I did get stuck) and I will undoubtedly look for a Pixelgrade theme for my next project. 100% recommend the Rosa theme & Pixelgrade!

Long story short, after many many themes, I found Border by PixelGrade, match made in heaven! Quality and friendly build, awesome features and super-fast technical support! Great work guys! Thank you!

One of the reasons why I bought Julia was the fact that the theme is help­ing me bring my vision to real­i­ty both in terms of blog­ging and per­son­al port­fo­lio. What I love the most is that my readers can search through my recipes by the blink of an eye.

I recently changed my WordPress theme to Border and am loving it. It’s beautiful and extremely easy to use (even for those of us who are not programmers.) I wasn’t sure if Border would be the right theme for my business since I am not a photographer. In hindsight, it was the right decision.

When I did have an issue upgrading to 1.7 the team was extremely responsive and quickly told me how to solve my issue.

Using this theme for a new catering company for my friend and it looks amazing, easy to customize, and super quick to install with demo data. Had a post sales question that the author answered asap, highly recommend. worth the price!

I bought Rosa recently and it is a great theme for a beginner like me. The easy use combined with the great parallax feature makes is really easy to use high-end theme, with which you can create a top notch website. The team answered my not so urgent issue (design modification) within 24 hours which is faster than most of my tech support encounters so far. I would really recommend Rosa or any other Pixelgrade theme to my circles. Keep up the good work!

Excellent theme! Its got everything I need and its very easy to use. Special thanks to the excellent customer support who is ever patient and diligent in solving my problems. I’m really enjoying using this theme. Thank you and please keep up the GREAT work!

Listable is an amazing theme. UI is very nice and attractive. They are updating the theme more often with stunning updates in the back-end.
I must give kudos to the team, for their excellent support and followup. Alin, Oana, Radu, all off them are doing great Job.

I’m pretty much a newbie with zero CSS knowledge and web design experience but I got my website up and running in just a short period of time thanks to Pixelgrade’s customer service. Be prepared to shell out for premium plug-ins if you want to maximize the feature of this listing but you won’t be disappointed because Listable has the functionality while looking elegant.

This is a great template, with amazing features to customise content, it’s easy to use, fast to work with and looks real good on all devices. But, best of all is the Pixel Grade Support Team. They have always been patient, kind and helpful throughout all our doubts and mishaps. We are 100% satisfied with their product and service.

I really love the way this theme shows off my photography, I’ve been using WordPress for a long time now and with many different themes. Timber keeps things simple and looking great.

The customer support has been very helpful too in final CSS tweaking, to help the theme work specifically with my content – what more could you want! Thanks Guys 🙂

Besides the incredible documentation that I have found with this theme, the customer support has been incredible. Quick to respond, and in a very kind, and professional manner.

I have purchased many themes in the past, but have been most impressed with Pixelgrade. I highly recommend them and would purchase another theme through them.
Great job, keep it up!

Great theme! First thought was that it looked too good to be true. Gave it a shot and it was very easy to work with even for a rookie like me! Had some issues which support fixed in a very short time! Thank you guys! Br, Alexandra

This theme helped us focus on developing and launching the business, instead of spending too much time on developing the website. It looks great on all devices and is very customizable. Good customer support is also worth mentioning.

I have planned a website rebranding for quite a long time. It was difficult to find a theme which really fits my expectations. After I’ve seen Hive for the first time, I thought “Yes, this could be the one!”.

I customized it until the very last detail was perfect. Now I couldn’t imagine CARMITIVE without Hive anymore.

I purchased their HEAP theme to use on our library’s website. First, the theme is just great, pixel-perfect. It has lots of features and easily customizable settings. Also, I had to contact support for a relatively minor issue with theme fonts and they were about as responsive as the design of their theme. Highly recommended.

I am using Heap theme for our blog page. It’s great to work with Heap and the Pixelgrade team. They are very helpful and solved our problems in a day! Thanks guys!

I’m so happy with my Rosa theme and the Rosa team. I hesitated getting this theme because my business is not in hospitality, but I’m so glad I did because it works really well with my business and I get compliments about my website all the time (PerfumeProfiling dot com if you want to check it out). I’m not an expert at websites, but it was super easy to do that I did it all by myself. Occasionally I had questions and the Rosa team got back to me so fast and were so kind. It’s such a pleasure to work with another business that helps and ensures the success of your business too. Thank you Rosa team (esp. Robert 😉 ) I highly recommend the Rosa theme without hesitation.

Pixelgrade’s theme is by far one of the best around for building a minimal look photo site. Modern, well designed, not the cheapest one, but it’s worth the bucks, trust me. What I like the most are the support’s flexibility and response time.
Keep on walkin’, Pixelgrade!

Please don’t buy this theme. I want to have it for my own. I am both a photographer and a wordpress developer. This is the one photography theme that is very lean, stylish, minimalistic and has film strips as a portfolio view all together. Support is super quick. I am already looking forward to get pixelgrades other themes for my clients.

Noah is wonderful. It fits perfectly to me and my portfolio. I am a graphic designer and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to present himself and his work in a clean but very special look. A very big praise also to the support: Thanks for the great kindness and the untamed enthusiasm, Mr R.!

It was my first website with Wordpress, my client and I love MIES… for many reason it hard for me to choose only one reason. It has a great design, really intuitive to use, easy to customize and on top great support! Big five for the authors!

Great theme. Very flexible design and a lot of photography features that you don’t find in other Wordpress themes. Theme was very easy to customize using a child theme.

Had some customization questions and they emailed me the tweaks to implement within a day.

As someone who has used over 50 wordpress themes, it’s SO refreshing to find a team thinking outside the box when it comes to design. Bully to you, Pile theme team.

Bucket is a great theme that allows for a lot of flexibility. It can be used to showcase photography, for a journal, for professional blogging and more.
In addition, it is very easy to adjust to your particular tastes. All of the themes from Pixelgrade share a section within wordpress that allows you to manipulate the theme to your liking, and for this reason, it is very helpful when you are managing multiple sites, all with pixel grade themes.

I’ve been using 6 of their themes for the past 4 years, and I couldn’t be happier.

Even when you are French, site customization is easy to understand.
The creators are very reactive to the messages on their dedicated platform.
The website design is refined, clear.
Some improvements planned for the next update that will be welcome!
Don’t hesitate!

Hard to choose only one main reason to give 5 stars to that product.. currently the design is excellent, the features are awesome and the support is outstanding.. this is a all in one theme.. highly recommended!

LENS looked like a beautiful, classy theme before I bought it – and it is. It was easy to install and easy to customize.

The main reason that I’m giving it five stars is for the customer service after the sale. I had a specific need to change the text appearance of the image titles and captions, and I contacted support. Alex responded quickly, and we continued an email conversation over several days. He supplied custom code snippets for me to try, and I let him know how they worked out. My request was fully satisfied.

I highly recommend LENS specifically and the PixelGrade team in general.

Amazing design and very good code quality. The support is perfect, super-fast, friendly and professional.They solved my problem in minutes !

Thank you very much


I’d happily recommend this theme to any digital creative looking to showcase their work in an extremely versatile environment. The features are quite remarkable and even though I was hesitant at first with the cost, I can definitely say – 4 months down the road, I’m extremely satisfied. Responsive layouts, private interactive client galleries, filmstrip layouts, video support it truly is an amazing theme.

I absolutly love this theme for how it shows off my photography and video. It is beautiful. I had one issue with spacing so I emailed customer support and then sent me code to add that fixed the problem. They got back to me in less than 24 hours! Simply amazing.

What can I really say that hasn’t already been said about the Pixelgrade team! The Timber theme is amazing, I absolutely love it, and aside from it’s unique look which I liked as soon as I saw it, the back end is laid out in a way newcomers to Wordpress will understand, everything just seems to be where you expect it to be.

But what sets them apart is their customer support.

Before buying Timber, I tried to find out if they provide good support, and I’m always a little apprehensive when buying from a new developer, but the guys from Pixelgrade did not disappoint me at all, so if you’re worried about support don’t be 🙂

One final point I’d like to make which really emphasizes how good these guys are. I’ve purchased over 90 WordPress themes and Pixelgrade have provided a top 3 level of support and I will be buying more of their themes.

Thanks and congrats for being one of the only developers to get everything right 🙂

Regards, Lee

Firstly, not usually one for reviewing but I felt this deserved an exception. I scoured Themeforest quite a lot looking for a theme for my photography portfolio.

Borders is simple and attractive – the imagery is the hero!
It has all the functionality that I needed – a space for personal work, space for commissioned work and somewhere I can send clients to review that’s private and allows for simple communication.

I updated the plugins and part of the site glitched – I emailed through the support site and had a response within a couple of hours.

I would 100% recommend this site! Couldn’t be happier with it’s simplicity and the customer support!

A superbly designed and functional template which keeps getting better with every update.

I’m pleased the guys included a client gallery and a shop front with the last update, it really transforms my website from a hobby photography site into a potential business site!

Customer support for Timber is quick and thorough. I’ve been very satisfied with the amount of assistance Alex, Robert and their team have given me up to now which has been a fair amount because I’m not at all Wordpress/CSS savvy.

Overall I’m very happy I purchased the Timber theme!

Not only is this a great theme, well-designed, flexible, and continuously updated, but the company Pixelgrade is extraordinarily responsive. They have provided amazing support. I actually get the sense that my problems will make it into future updates of the theme. Very good investment.

I had a problem with installing the theme because wordpress was playing up so I emailed pixel grade for support. They responded really quickly and were supper friendly and helpful :). They’ve also done a really good job with the theme and its well worth the money.

After a long search for a flexible theme with a perfect look for a photographer i found “border”. Not a single problem with the installation and with the given demo data inside the theme I got a quick and intense overview of all functions. Perfect and highly recommended.

This product is fantastic, easy to use and looks incredibly professional. For me, I just want to add in my designs, content and photography – with this product it does all the hard work for you. I wouldn’t change a thing about the product and the team are fantastic.

Great theme! Everything works just like a dream, it’s easy to set up, it’s regularly maintained (very important!) and the customer support is fantastic! Helpful, kind and reactive…What more can you ask for?

After quite a long time trying to sort out a twitter widget problem and social icon problem, the guys at support sorted out the bug and put it in the latest update.
They were very patient with my frustration and they took the problem seriously and sorted it out. Very good thank you very much.

This is the most flexible and easiest theme to work with I’ve ever owned. On top of that customer service is incredible! Of course the design as you can see is clean, beautiful and well thought through. To sum up, no compromises, if you get this theme you will be winning in all directions!

I have spent a lot of hours in searching the right photography- theme. Finallly they were 3 left. Why Border? Quick image loading, compatibility with different browsers, elaborated design, high flexibiltity for different needs, good customer support and transparency of who is behind. This theme is a very good value for money! Thank you!

The theme itself and the quality of the customer support gives Border 5 stars for me. I’m not the most experienced WP user and they have been very helpful with the theme every step of the way. It a sharp theme and looks amazing on mobile!

The theme is great, and, very exceptional for WP themes, fast in front as well as back end. No cache accelerator needed. I needed some support with some features, and they helped me right away.

This theme is 5 star, it has an SEO Rating without much effort of 92 on Google’s page speed test. This is important and it is customizable through use of basic features. I am very pleased, the only problem I am having at this point is keeping the spammers from leaving reviews even without the feedback box on Woocommerce. Stellar support.

The Border theme stood out to me as a photographer as exactly the image I wanted to project to my clients. I have been able to adapt the theme to my exact needs for SEO and display purposes. The galleries work beautifully and I am sure I have only touched about 40% of what it can do for me so far. Support has been very helpful in tweaking the parts I asked for with Custom CSS code snippets. I can highly recommend the Border theme if you want to showcase your photography.

Best theme I’ve ever experience!! Everything is there and simply working. I’ve tried several themes in the past years and this is by fare the best! The design is simple yet flexible. Having a responsive theme was a priority and this theme is just doing it very well. Good documentation and great support, my experience is flawless.

This is a great theme – extremely flexible and easy to use. The documentation is great and I was able to get the theme up and running in no time. Support has also been great – quick turn around on questions with detailed answers.

Highly recommend the Border theme.

Alin provided amazing support with quick and thorough responses. I never had to wait long to have a next step offered or a question answered. Together we were able to get my issues solved and the site is looking and working great.

Having used a number of themes in the past, I have to say that using PILE has been a dream. So easy to set up and maintain. In addition to great support. Above all the design is simple and high end. Good work!

I don’t have any experience in building websites but I could easily do this and my website is up and running. The support team is so quick and efficient and they understand what you need – real pros.

It’s an excellent value for money in an awesome design.

Wow! This theme is ridiculously simple to set up and equally stress-free to manipulate. It’s very clean and professional. And the the support (Alin) is second to none. I love it!

Fantastic theme! I had my website set up in a day. The design is very flexible, the documentation is very clear, and when I needed help the customer support was quick to respond. I’ve never had such a great experience overall with a theme… worth every penny. Thank you!

True to its description, BORDER and the team at Pixelgrade care deeply about photography, keeping the focus on the imagery with a synergistic mix of beautiful, clean design and clear functionality. I found BORDER very intuitive to work with despite my very limited experience with WordPress. Above all, the folks at PixelGrade are terrific – providing top-notch support, both one-on-one and through the various forums. My highest recommendations!!

The theme is great and very functional. I’ve always told my colleagues a theme is only as good as its customer service. Quick responses, friendly guys, super knowledgeable, and willing to help with custom code if you need it. I’d purchase this theme if only for the help you receive.

A beautiful theme! looks great and works flawless (with the help of great support!). It gives us the possibility for a real fullscreen slideshow as the frontpage.
Simple, clean and beautiful, with júst enough “bells and whistles” designed in this theme.

I’ve had an incredibly positive experience with the customer support team. I’ve had several questions regarding customization and various road-bumps along my journey for developing my company website. I’ve gotten responses, within 24hrs for each question, and have resolved all of my issues thus far.

This theme is clean, professional and incredibly easy to use. Moreover, Pixelgrade’s support is second to none. It’s never taken them more than 36 hours to respond to one of my questions, and usually no more than one or two e-mails to help me solve a problem.

I can’t rate Bucket highly enough.