We are Pixelgrade

Pixelgrade is a design studio made by thinkers and makers who create simple WordPress themes that solve real digital problems. Over 70.000 people worldwide have been using our products to create websites that bring concrete results for more than nine years in a row.

We’re a small yet young squad of people working hard to craft and sell on a digital scale. We’ve been doing it on our money, time, and energy since day one. We’re a bootstrapped and independent company with strong values that we convey through everything we do.

A bit of story

We expanded our universe to be able to provide more than themes. We are offering an entire ecosystem for our customers to succeed in the digital landscape. From top-notch WordPress themes and cutting-edge customization tools to educational onboarding and content, we’re making sure people who join us have everything they need to make it happen.

We’ve always been happy to give back to the open-source community and contribute to its evolution and growth by offering both themes and plugins for free.

We kicked-off Upstairs Community, an online tribe around stories that make us better people. It’s our way of narrowing the gap through vulnerable stories.

We genuinely embrace our mission to help people have a positive impact within their communities, and we achieve it through the products we develop, the way we craft experiences for our customers, and the endeavors we lean in.

Real people having a real impact



Chief Executive Officer

A daydreaming designer with a strong desire to improve the world through what I do and what I stand for. I strongly value calm, but I also get easily excited by the next daring challenge.



Chief Technology Officer

Architect by passion, web believer by nature, I’m gladly wearing multiple hats if this is what it takes to achieve award-winning results. Ready to make Pixelgrade the next big thing next to a team that shares the same values.



Chief People Officer

Community glue for people who want to reach their creative potential. My aim is to nurture a team in alignment with our values. I’m in love with culinary experiences and wine stories that bring people together.



Front-end Developer

Thorough craftsman of web interfaces defined by great care for performance and attention to details. I’m always grateful and eager to embrace design challenges. Being a big fan of the hip-hop culture, I also enjoy expressing my creativity by writing and recording rap songs.



Customer Service

An empathetic supporter of peace of mind, entirely dedicated to showing those around me of the good which can be done by anyone. One of my biggest missions is to make everything I can so that my son goes to sleep happy and grateful.



Marketing Aficionado

Former DJ by choice and marketer by nature. Passionate about working with creative people on building things from scratch. Early adopter, data driven and seeker for alternatives. I never back down from spending time with family & friends, watching a good TV show or drinking a cold beer.

about - madalin


Front-end developer

Passionate about technology and everything that implies it. I like making things work, and I don’t back down from a challenge that brings the best out of me. Meanwhile, a true football fan, both on playing FIFA and in the real world. Go Arsenal!



Customer service

 A highly motivated and hard-working individual, with strong time management skills and attention to details. Friendly and positive attitude, passionate about learning new things and able to execute tasks quickly and efficiently.




I’m the doggie who welcome everyone who visits us. I bring smiles and plenty of laughs for everyone who works hard to make things rock-solid. I’m begging for a tasty snack almost daily, but hey, I need energy to watch out the office, right?