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Blogging and Magazine

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Our magazine style theme comes with a modular layout for publishers who want to showcase their fresh ideas.

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A journal inspired design for wanderers who explore the world and want to share their stories.

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A notebook inspired template, Noto allows you to bring the art of publishing to the next level.

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A unique travel blog theme for people who want to explore the world and make money along the way

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Flexible design for culinary lovers who want to keep track of their recipes and share their passion.

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An algorithmic design structure that automatically shapes the layout of your content into a beautiful pattern.

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Elegant typography tweaks along bring your message into the spotlight for a wide range of publishers.

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An exquisite design for bloggers who appreciate the beauty of expressing themselves.

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A personal blogging theme and an effortlessly tool for publishers of all kind, cherished for its flexibility and clean layouts.

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Bucket is a magazine theme intended to give you an easy‐to‐use tool to share your discoveries and the latest findings.

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A clean and colorful blogging theme, easy to set up and even easier to customize. Jason makes it simple to showcase your latest news, interesting finds, and long-form writing.

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Small Business and Restaurants

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An engaging restaurant theme build on a solid UX infrastructure focused on facilitating people’s decisions

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The #1 selling restaurant theme built to help small businesses to shape an experience that people remember.

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Portfolio and Photography

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A cinematic design crafted for visual artists who want to inspire their world with a custom experience.

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An uncoventional portfolio theme and a perfect tool to showcase any kind of creative work.

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A front line parallax architecture theme prized for enabling you to present your work within a delightful and captivating experience.

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A photography design that goes beyond what’s ordinary to create momentum through witty animations.

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A delightful and easy-to-use photography theme, Border boasts lively and spirited pages transitions.

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A pure yet intriguing visual experience for photographers, Lens is a perfect match for your portfolio.

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An unusual photography theme that goes out to the edge to enable a fresh and adventurous experience.

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Directory and Listings

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A listing directory WordPress theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site.

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