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Our mission at Pixelgrade is to support people who want to make an impact in their communities.

We reach it through various endeavors. We create digital products to help people express their thoughts and showcase their creative work. We give back to the WordPress ecosystem. And we nurture a growing community around stories that make us better human beings.

We genuinely believe a company’s goal exceeds its own financial interests. It goes beyond that and opens gateways for exploration, discovery, and growth. We don’t always know where some will lead us, but we’re up for the adventure.

The Upstairs Community is one of such attempts. It kicked-off from our desire to stay away from clickbait and news as we know it and offer an authentic alternative through stories. We believe far more in such an approach as being sustainable and rewarding in the long haul. It gets us closer to reach our mission, too.

We’re often asked who is this community for? The answer is naive yet powerful: it is for everyone who believes in the power of vulnerable stories.

→ Do you know the feeling when you finish reading an in-depth piece about someone who got a car accident but survived and now is thriving?

→ Do you remember the day when you decided to leave that crappy job and start a small business that brought you joy?

→ Do you get emotional when you hear that someone lost a dear friend but succeed in moving on and becoming a better version?

Ioana, Lydia, and Nabeelah are some of the contributors answering these questions through powerful narratives.

Upstairs Community is about them and more. What brings us together is the need to keep hoping and getting inspiration from people like you and me.

We created a safe place to access stories that make us better people. We don’t care about job titles, cultures, backgrounds, professions, hobbies, beliefs, preferences of any kind. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Twice a month, on a Sunday, we pack a story and send it to you via email. There are no marketing tricks, no paid sponsors. Only plain text wrapped into what we all need a bit more in our lives: acceptance and kindness.

Take a moment and read our manifesto. Get a feeling about our mantras and what you can expect from us.

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Stay kind and safe,
—Oana from Pixelgrade, the gal in charge