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You’ve reached a place where you can read stories written by creative people willing to speak the truth about their journeys.

We’re 332 members and counting! From Romania to Australia, from China to France, from Indonesia to Germany, from Canada to The Nederlands, from Japan to the USA.

What’s in it for you once you join?

1. Access the stories written by creative professionals

Designers, architects, marketers, photographers, engineers, entrepreneurs—all share the struggles they’re facing in becoming who they are today.

Here are some stories that await on another side:

2. Connect and engage with other members

Every few weeks we interview and feature one of our members to help the community get a feel about who’s part of it and offer the opportunity to engage and connect with each other. Lara and Alex were among the first, but you can be next. Everyone’s welcome.

3. Influence the way this community evolves

We genuinely listen to our members because we’re strong believers in the idea of building the community with you, not for you. You’ll regularly get insights about what’s happening behind the curtain and can make your voice heard.

4. Share your inspiring narrative

We’re constantly looking to make this community more diverse. You can share your story by speaking the truth about your professional endeavors and feel less alone along the way.

The community values

🧘 Slowing down—we genuinely believe in doing work at our pace as an alternative for obtaining better outcomes. We appreciate context.

📖 Being transparent—we are frank about our work and talk openly about both the good and the bad. We all face both sides of the coin.

🤗 Welcoming everyone—we embrace any creative type, regardless of their race, culture, age, studies, preferences. We value diversity.

What do our members have to say?

“There’s a sense of coming home, strength and empowerement in being part of a community. We all crave and thrive on being connected to and with like-minded people whose life stories pull down walls, build bridges, sow hope, shift perspective and shape us into better versions of ourselves. Be sure to become a member of the Upstairs Community!”


“This is cool, what you’re doing with Upstairs Community! I really appreciate your project, and I look forward to reading every one of the narratives. The new camper van we purchased has taken us on some amazing voyages, and in the last 6 years we’ve travelled over 200,000km. I would love to write about it!”


“Reading tiny snippets of the stories shared in Upstairs community always gives me some sort of reasurace that maybe what I am feeling/doing is not wrong and makes me feel like I’m stepping in someone elses world for a moment. I really love it. I hope you’ll keep going with this.”


How can you be part of it?

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Who’s behind the curtain?

We are Pixelgrade, a product development and design studio currently offering WordPress-related tools: premium and free WordPress themes, plugins, and services.

We are best known for our design-thinking approach, the transparency and building in-public mantras, our in-depth, bullsh*t free content published on the blog and ebooks, and for the friendly customer support we provide.

Our mission is to support people who want to make an impact in their communities. We genuinely believe a company’s goal exceeds its own financial interests—it should go beyond and open gateways for exploration, discovery, and growth. We don’t always know where some will lead us, but we’re up for the adventure.

The entire crew is involved in one way or another, but as a member of the Upstairs community, you’ll mostly come in contact with Oana, the gal in charge of nurturing it, and Andrei, the one who makes sure these stories reach you in due time.

See you on the other side,
—The Pixelgrade team