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We need connections not only to survive but to thrive. Belongingness stays at the core of human nature. We created an arena to amplify it. Do you want to join this adventure?

Together, we can change the narrative and spark conversations that help us feel less alone. This way, we can better navigate the challenging times we’re facing.

We took the leap and built a community based on stories that make us better people. We’re calling it «Upstairs», aka making a step further, wink, wink!

We are the Pixelgrade team, a small crew of only eight folks. Seven guys and a gal. We’ve been creating digital products for almost nine years and wrote quite a lot about our work, our people, our mantras. We set the tone, but we hope you will join the choir.

Every Sunday, we pack a story and send it to you via email. There are no marketing tricks, no paid sponsors, and no tracking. Only plain text wrapped into what we all need more in our lives: vulnerability, acceptance, and authenticity. Here’s an example of what you’ll get.

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