Publishing your story in the Upstairs Community

Hey, creative!

Right now, the Upstairs Community is on hold. This means that we won’t be sending out new stories and won’t be accepting new members. Thanks for understanding.

I’m Oana, the gal in charge of the Upstairs Community. I have already helped 30+ creative professionals around the world publish their stories in our growing community.

For us, writing feels like entering an amusement park. It’s both safe and fun. Let me tell you why.

It’s safe because I’ll guide you every step of the way to make it happen, and I’ll be your comrade from start to finish. It’s a shared journey, not a solo sail.

It’s fun because you’ll discover how much untapped potential you have and learn how to make the most out of it. At the end of the journey, you’ll be a braver and better version of yourself.

Myths that we break in this community

“I’m too young to have something meaningful to say.”

There are always younger people than you who are looking for advice from people who recently went through similar hurdles in their creative professional life. These people will have a higher chance of connecting with your story than with someone who’s on a distant path.

Plus, youth brings a lot of fresh perspectives that anyone, everywhere, is keen to learn.

“I’m too old to be relevant.”

The life experience you bring to the table is something unique and precious for anyone looking to do similar things as you. I’m sure each one has taught you something that the younger generations will benefit from learning and avoiding.

Be bold and tell those young folks how it’s done.

“I’m not a writer or good with words.”

The most common reason people don’t write is that they feel they need to acquire a certain level of craft before publishing. The paradox is that without writing and putting yourself out there, you won’t gather experience, and there’s no one “measuring” if your writing is good enough.

Writing should not be put on a pedestal. Everyone has a natural way of telling stories to other people, and writing should be about doing precisely that—expressing yourself just the way you talk.

Plus, in the Upstairs Community, around 70% of those who published a story have nothing to do with writing in their day-to-day life. You’ll fit right in.

“I didn’t do anything special.”

The stories we publish are not about those who do the impossible. Our goal is to bring visibility to as many people as possible because we’ve all been through stuff that changed, moved, or improved us in one way or another.

No matter how short the story seems, someone will resonate and be forever grateful you took the time to share it.

“I still have a lot to learn.”

Don’t we all? We go through life gathering insights and become (hopefully) a better version of ourselves with each passing day. And for every obstacle we overcome and things we learn, there are millions of people out there who have yet to experience them and who could use some guidance.

Plus, as the Dunning–Kruger effect states, the very fact that you know how much there is to learn in life and your creative field is exactly what qualifies you as having enough experience worth sharing.

What previous writers say about working with us

“Short story, Oana’s unrelenting enthusiasm and energy gave me the courage to write this story and the fuel to see it through to completion. I wouldn’t have done it without her, literally! 🙏”


“I truly appreciated how Oana steered the story into a more vulnerable zone. Through well-asked questions, she made me open up and share.”


“Super smart, witty, soft, and everything nice. Thanks to Oana, I had the most amazing experience. She made me feel safe, and she gave me confidence. The way she offers feedback is also mind-blowing. Super knowledgeable.”


“Very positive (I was not expecting less anyway). Oana is flexible and listened to my point of view, encouraged and supported me throughout the writing and editing process.”


Here’s how we’ll collaborate

  1. Reflect on an event or experience you had as a creative.
  2. Write down one paragraph about it as if you’d talk with a friend.
  3. Send it over to me via the button below.
  4. I’ll reach you back with concrete feedback.
  5. We agree on the topic, you start writing it, and I’ll help you make progress.
  6. I’ll make final edits, proofread, and get it ready for publishing.

As you can see, you’re not alone in this journey. I’ll be there every step of the way and guide you to write an authentic story.

Check out these examples to convince yourself:

That’s it! I’m looking forward to working with you and publishing your story in our growing community of creative professionals willing to speak the truth about their journey.

Are you up for a ride?