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WordPress website performance in this day and age

Hi, I’m Vlad, the author of this ebook. In it, you will find down‐to‐earth yet proven tactics to improve your WordPress website’s performance and make it run fast and smooth.

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Takeaway #1

How to navigate through web performance

Getting your head around what to do first, when it comes to your website’s performance, is a daunting process. Everyone values time a little differently and, consequently, sees things with wildly different expectations.

Learn how to direct the majority of your efforts towards your best bet - your audience - and you will be rewarded.

Takeaway #2

How to craft content for optimal performance

Your content (pages, stories, photos, videos) is getting a life of its own. Your readers are increasingly all‐mobile, as they are trying to make sense and find balance in a continuously noisy world, through apps that curate or gather content from various sources.

Discover how to shape it to live up to its full potential.

Takeaway #3

How to set up your site for performance

WordPress has no intrinsic advantage when it comes to performance, and no secret sauce. You just have a wide range of possibilities, more so than in pretty much any other open-source ecosystem.

But, with many possibilities come plenty of headaches. Learn how to explore them wisely.

Trustworthy and transparent:

“At Pixelgrade, I liked that it is a team effort and you have all kinds of different experts, who are there to help me. You are assuring, credible, and trustworthy. Very often I visit software websites which are not giving much information. Being this transparent gives you more credibility.”

David Ringel
Team Lead

Different than anything else:

“I've been using WordPress themes since WordPress started, across tons of blogs and affiliate sites, both personal and professional. I've NEVER come across documentation, onboarding, and attention to detail as I've experienced with your product and service.”

Jason Elk
Digital Freelancer

Relevant and useful content:

“I like the personal approach and the warm attitude towards everything you do. You really care. For instance, I highly appreciate that you write a lot of valuable content on your blog to help me improve my skills and have a better digital presence. It feels great to have you next to me!”

Ekaterina Panova


About the author

Hi, I'm Vlad, chief technologist at Pixelgrade.

I believe my long experience with the web in general, and with WordPress specifically, coupled with the in-depth technical know-how of how things work, allow me to speak with confidence.

Add to this the fact that I can’t swallow the hyped up “talk” in most How Tos nowadays, and you can be fairly confident that BS is not on the menu.

I have been involved with computers since I was nine (25 years ago) and I’ve genuinely enjoyed it ever since. I enjoy teaching and helping others reach their full potential through the transfer of knowledge and experience. Enjoy it, mate!

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