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Chapter #1

How to express your ideas in writing

Learn how to put thoughts in writing in a way that fits your values and personality. People can steal ideas, even pieces of content (grrr!), but nobody can take what is it that makes you, you.

Discover how to achieve this level, and master it on your blog.

Chapter #2

How to capture emotions by writing the way you're talking

Learn how to craft words in a way that makes people attach an entire spectrum of feelings to the articles.

Once you make them feel in a certain way, you know that you switched a bunch of random folks into a tribe. Your tribe.

Chapter #3

How to transmit human touch in communication

Make the most out of your unique traits and pack everything with a human touch. People will follow you in the long run, and that ultimately amounts to growth and opportunities.

Create stronger bonds with your community and give them a sense of belonging.

Words from our readers

An inspiration for every writer:

“I think this ebook is great because it shares the experience from somebody who has actually been writing professionally for a number of years, so they've really learned by doing. Most of all, it's great because it's not a "what to do", but rather what I've done and what works for me, and could probably also work for you. It's more of an inspiration rather than a checklist. The thing is, writing is something very personal, and you need to find your own style, and this ebook takes you through Oana's journey as an inspiration to your own."

Web Designer

A helpful guide to writing better stories:

"Do you find yourself struggling to engage and make your readers love your stories? Look no further! By learning from Oana's personal experience, both professional and novice copywriters will find their own way to make people read their stories. My favorite part of this book is the one where Oana points out the importance of why you should write the way you're talking because being authentic will help you attract new people who will enjoy your stories, no matter who they are and what they do. Remember - awesome stories will bring awesome people to your website!"

Blogger and WordPress Enthusiast

About the Author

My name  is Oana Filip, and I'm a storyteller at Pixelgrade, a design studio where we create top-notch WordPress themes.

I’ve been writing professionally for more than ten years for a wide range of contexts and scenarios.

One of my biggest ambitions is to help people of all kinds become better writers. By succeeding, I'm quite confident they will automatically become genuine storytellers who will draw a positive impact. And that's huge. 

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