Write documentation that gets the job done

This eBook is meant to help customer service departments create a better documentation for WordPress users. Everything you discover in this resource is a result of our experience of crafting meaningful relationships with our clients.
We put together a framework that will help you create a self-service environment that brings results. Your team will be happier, and your customers will make progress with ease.
Take this eBook as it is: an honest approach of how we handle documentation and draw out what you need and fit your business goals.
Share it with your network, and let us know your thoughts on this one.  In the end, that’s what WordPress is all about: give before you get, right?

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What’s inside:

  • An overview about why self-service matters
  • An easy-to-follow structure for writing solid docs
  • Tips about how to set editorial requirements
  • A quick checklist to keep you on track
  • Takeaways to own the documentation for the long game