WOWing your customers

Nowa­days, cus­tomer sup­port means so much more than find­ing solu­tions to speci­fic prob­lems.


Follow-up thoughts — communication guideline for customer service

A sto­ry about what we’ve learned from cre­at­ing and shar­ing a guide for cus­tomer sup­port with the Word­Press com­mu­ni­ty.


You are only as good as your customers say

Your cus­tomers shape your image through their lens and way of under­stand­ing the whole con­text.


When you know you did an awesome job?

The proof that doing what you love and doing it steadi­ly brings a lot of mag­ic in the long run.


How to Achieve More with Great Customer Support?

Deliv­er­ing hap­pi­ness is not just a way of speak­ing (or writ­ing) like Hem­ing­way or any oth­er famous author. For us, it means to get the job done and get it flaw­less.