Adding a Newsletter Subscribe Option

To foster a community around your website means to have a precise and witty strategy. While social media covers half of this effort and it is more than welcomed, e-mail is more reliable in building trust. By offering an e-mail subscription, you raise the chances to keep an active dialogue with relevant people. Moreover, it’s […]

Why do you sell WordPress themes here and ThemeForest as well?

We started out selling our WordPress themes via ThemeForest because it was one of the biggest marketplace for products within the WordPress ecosystem. As the years passed, we started to notice the disadvantages that come with handing over our entire portfolio for someone else to sell it—promotion for competitors on our product pages, the inability […]

Follow-up thoughts on our ebook about customer service

A story about what we’ve learned from creating and sharing a guide for customer support with the WordPress lovers.

Do you offer custom work services?

No, we don’t offer custom development work. We focus our energy on maintaining and improving our portfolio of WordPress themes to help people like you solve real digital problems. If you need custom work done on your website that goes beyond the theme’s capabilities, we recommend Codeable as a top player from the field. They can help you customize […]

Is the theme fully-responsive?

Yes. All of our themes are fully-responsive so that you can enjoy using them from multiple gadgets (phones, tablets, etc.). Also, we know that Google take responsiveness for its ranking algorithm very seriously, and so do we.

What do you mean by product updates?

We live in a digital world that evolves very fast. That’s why we give our best and maintain all of our themes relevant and efficient in the long run. Product updates include new features, performance improvement, WordPress compatibility, or security checks. Basically, everything that helps you have a reliable website.

Why should I use WordPress?

We could pitch a lot about why WordPress is such a reliable option for you. However, we’d like to let you know about the main set of assets we think are most representative. We fully resonate with all of the following key benefits, and we grasp from our experience that they bring real added value […]

Changing Fonts

We are a design-centered studio that shares a real passion for typography and all its characteristics: from admeasurement and spacing to hierarchy. That’s why we have a strong focus on offering you enough room to find the right match between the type layer and your unique branding approach. Pairing fonts together in a manner that […]

Design & Style Overview

We know that everyone is eager to shape their site according to their personality, values, brand, and interests. We’re happy to support this path not only by saying it, but also by providing real help. All the available options available in our themes were designed to assist you in this customization process. We highly believe […]

You are only as good as your customers say

Your customers shape your image through their lens and way of understanding the whole context.

People with different skill sets are a better match than top talent players

Even though our day-to-day job doesn’t require to be in the spotlight, we want to capture attention in various ways.

Allow yourself to be happy

Vlad wrote an article for HeroPress about how WordPress was the best available solution to start a creative business.

Why should design be your biggest asset as a WordPress author?

We’ve created a list of WordPress authors that we think they do a great design job and asked each of them “Why should design be the king of the jungle?”

The real value you get when you buy a premium WordPress theme

Choosing the right WordPress theme could be an endless gambling, but you have the power to change that.

When you know you did an awesome job?

The proof that doing what you love and doing it steadily brings a lot of magic in the long run.