Creating a ”Food Menu”

Since ROSA is mainly targeted at restaurants, we have thought it would be great to have a handy dandy system to create and manage your menus reliably. The Menu Syntax To get the Restaurant Menu shortcode, first, you have to access the funky P button from the WordPress editor (Visual mode). After this, you will be presented with a quick walkthrough of the shortcode features. […]

Insightful books from Pixelgrade’s crew

We’re fans of a multidisciplinary approach, and we believe that a wide understanding on several topics help us become better.

Adding an eCommerce Store

Setting up an eCommerce store is an increasingly way of making money online. The good news is that theme offers integration with WooCommerce — the most popular plugin that allows you to create a shop on your WordPress websites. This ar will show you how to set up an online store where you can list […]

Using Shortcodes for Custom Elements

Here is where the beauty lies. We’ve taken that extra mile and crafted an advanced but simple to use shortcodes plugin called PixCodes that will allow you to give structure to your pages and posts. To ensure ease of use, everything is visual, nicely packed in a modal window accessible from the WordPress editor. Everything […]

Managing Related Posts

The Related Posts section allows you to show contextual posts to your visitors who might be interested in reading similar topics. Step 1 – Install YARPP You can install and activate YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin) by going into the Plugins → Add New page. Step 2 – Configure YARPP To benefit from this, first, you have to configure it from Settings → YARPP → Display […]

Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

Speed is the ultimate frontier of the web nowadays. Everybody wants it, especially since Google announced that page speed is a big factor in search rankings. More recently even mobile site speed is a big factor. So yes we need it. But there is only so much a theme (and us as theme developers) can do in terms of […]

Starting with the Right WordPress Plugins

Here is a list of various plugins that we have come across and we think would help you get the better out of WordPress, our themes and life in general. Images related EWWW Image Optimizer to automatically optimize your images: – it will automatically optimize your images using Yahoo’s online service Force Regenerate Thumbnails will process […]

Learning WordPress

The WordPress CMS is a complex beast that is made even more complex thanks to the countless plugins available out there (free or premium). All this complexity allows for a lot of capabilities and power, and like a famous saying tells us, with great power comes great responsibility. So we advise you not to treat […]

How to remove the Featured Image from the top of the Single Page?

If you want to keep your Featured Image on the Home page but remove it inside Single Post, all you have to do is to add the following CSS snippet on Appearance → Customize→ CSS Editor area and the image will disappear: If you use Yarpp plugin to display related posts, the CSS you need to use is this one:

How to change the Site Title and Tagline displayed on the browser tab?

To ensure you’re spreading the right content on social sharing, you need to install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin. Once you do that, you will notice that the plugin is displayed on each page of your website. Everything you need to do next is manually changing the data from the Yoast SEO’s fields to suit your […]

Authenticity makes a team stronger

I’m Oana, and for the last couple of months I’ve been leading our challenging customer support team.

Adding Google Analytics to your WordPress website

If you want to make progress with your website, at some point, you will need to take a look at relevant data about your visitors. This way, you can make well-informed decisions that will bring concrete results. Google Analytics has become the industry standard for website analytics and is one of the best solutions if […]

Can I use the theme for life?

Yes, you can keep using the theme for lifetime but you will receive support and updates as long as you have an active license. We are regularly updating our products by improving security and compatibility with the latest technologies. We’re also fixing bugs and offering great features on a regular basis.

Managing comments and conversations

Learn how to manage WordPress comments and generate meaningful conversations with your audience.