Why do you sell WordPress themes here and ThemeForest as well?

There are four channels through which we provide our themes, as follows:

  1. Pixelgrade Shop: Julia, Gema, Patch, Hive, Silk, Vasco, Heap, Bucket, Jason, Noto, Felt, Osteria, Rosa, Fargo, Pile, Mies, Noah, Border, Lens, Timber, Listable, Rosa 2.
  2. ThemeForest: Felt, Vasco, Jason, Gema, Silk, Patch, Hive, Fargo, Julia, Osteria, Noah, Listable, Timber, Mies, Pile, Rosa, Heap, Border, Bucket, Lens.
  3. WordPress.com: Gema, Patch, Hive, Jason.
  4. CreativeMarketTimber, Rosa, Pile, Mies, Osteria, Listable, Heap, Bucket, Noah, Border, Lens, Jason, Fargo, Noto, Hive, Vasco, Felt, Gema, Julia, Silk.

After some time, we had the chance to join the WordPress.com marketplace where there is no exclusivity and where we have some of our themes from the shop.

What’s truly important to know is that we make no difference concerning how we build, maintain, and engage with our customers, no matter the context. We’re the same team behind the scenes that is fully involved in creating WordPress themes that solve real digital problems.

Updated on August 26, 2020

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