Setting up the Color System

Learn how to set up a color system for your website to ensure legibility standards and aesthetically pleasing results.

Using the Color Signal

Learn how to use the Color Signal tool to signal attention to important information on your website.

Transparency Report #12: burning rubber for a change

Discover how things went on our side of the world and how we navigated as a team and business during these challenging times.

I discount, you discount, we both lose

Discounting a product for a limited time has been a tactic borrowed today and ingrained in industries where it makes no sense. Software is not food, there is no expiration date, no loss if it’s not consumed today. So why discounting software products?

Start being our own clients

We believe in eating our own dog food to help us determine the reliability and usability of the solutions that we offer to our clients. Learn why we’re taking this commitment a step forward and ask yourself if you’re able to do the same.

The process of designing the footer section of Pixelgrade

Creating your website’s footer – from a sitemap to a smart layout

Discover how we designed our website footer and learn how you can improve yours by going through a thoughtful process.

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #8

The last six months have been a time of reconsideration on some of our prior decisions, evaluate their impact and switch back where it makes sense while keep improving on what it already works.

The importance of colors and personality for growing your blog

Colors are an expression of our personality, and they have the power to influence your audience feelings and behaviors.

Starting your traveling blog with Vasco

Learn more about the process of building Vasco — a beautiful travel blog theme that helps bloggers stand out from the crowd.

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #5

The first six months of 2017 have been quite a challenge due to internal struggles and growing pains, but also because of market evolution and surprises.

How can I add an overlay page?

There are cases when you’ll need to display detailed information and make it easily accessible for others. By following the steps below, you’ll achieve the same result as showcased in our demo. Step 1 — Create a Page Log into your WordPress Dashboard, go to Pages, click on Add new, and name it “Contact” or as you […]

What is the difference between Rosa LT and Rosa 1/Osteria?

Rosa LT is our flagship restaurant WordPress theme. It’s constantly being improved thanks to the in-depth feedback we’re receiving from our customers, and it works flawlessly so that you can create a website without losing too much time, effort, or money. One of the main differences between Rosa LT and Rosa 1/Osteria is related to […]

Using Google Analytics for Ajax Powered Themes

Being based on an AJAX powered WordPress theme, your website is considered by Google Analytics to be more like an application and it’s not possible to use the default JavaScript tracking snippet to track your visitors. There is a new official library released by Google called AutoTrack which help you exactly in this situation. To install autotrack […]

How to add custom fonts to your WordPress website

Using custom fonts will help you expand the list of available fonts and use the ones that match your needs and brand. Fortunately, this functionality can be achieved easily in WordPress with the help of a plugin. Even though this is easily achievable, you should be aware that you should keep the list of fonts […]

Can I charge Money for Listings Publishing?

Yes! You can use the WC Paid Listings plugin in combination with WooCommerce to create and sell quantity based listings using custom Listings Packages. You can sell Listing Packages (a new product type) either in your store or as part of the listing submission process. Listing Packages can have a price just like regular products and can […]