Can I add icons to the Menu items?

Yes! You can use this plugin: Menu Icons. See how it’s working below: Note: If you don’t see the icon selector inside a menu item, go to the top of the page, click on Screen Options and check the Icon box under the Show advanced menu properties section.

How can I move the Location field on the Left Side of the Listings Page?

You can easily move the Location field off the map, on the left side of the Listings page, by adding this Custom CSS snippet to Appearance → Customize → CSS Editor: .job_filters .search_jobs div.search_location {     display: inline-block;     position: relative;     top: 0 !important;     left: auto;     right: auto;     float: […]

How can I have the listing address format different in each language?

First of all, here’s an article that explains to you how to display the elements that you need on the address part. This article will explain how to have this structure different depending on different languages. For example, let’s continue the example from the other side. Let’s say that for default we’ll display the city, […]

How can I get my own SVG icons coloured?

SVG is an image format for vector graphics. You can use SVG on the web pretty easily, but there is plenty you should know. There are a lot of SVG icons you can use for your website. However, if you want to have the color of your icons change when viewing different pages, you need […]

How can I change certain Text Strings?

If particular words or a certain text string don’t suit your view, you can change them using a small plugin called Say What? This plugin takes advantage of the fact that strings are translatable and use the translation mechanism to force strings to change to whatever text you want. Let me give you an example. […]

Can I use FacetWP and WPML plugins with Listable theme?

If you’re looking to use the FacetWP plugin on your website and have it multi-lingual, WPML is also a good tool. The final step to ensure that every part from FacetWP will be translatable is the WPML Integration plugin. This way, all the facets created will appear in the WPML → String Translation area (and, for […]

Can I use WP Job Manager — Stats with Listable?

Yes! By using the WP Job Manager – Stats plugin, listing owners can view how many people visit their listing. Being based on the same core plugin, it should work by default — only that we’re not offering some special styling for it. (preview)

Can I restrict some listing fields for a specific category?

Unfortunately, not. The main reason is that this type of change would require some heavy custom work. On the other hand, thanks to the current structure of WP Job Manager, alongside other plugins, you might be able to Restrict some listing fields for a particular package via WP Job Manager — Field editor (paid).

Can I restrict some fields for a specific package?

Yes! You can easily control the visibility of the listing fields using the WP Job Manager Field Editor (paid). Read more about it on their official documentation — Show/Hide specific fields based on selected package

Can I place advertisements on my site using Listable?

Yes! You can add advertisements ads or banners (including Adsense) overall widgetized sections, as listed below: Front Page — you can place ads between each horizontal section. Listing Page — on the right sidebar area or below the main content. Footer Area — favorable for wide banners which will appear on all pages. There are many powerful Ad […]

Can I limit the number of images/files uploaded?

Yes! This feature is available with the 1.5.0 version of WP Job Manager — Field editor: 1.5.0 – September 8, 2016 NEW limit number of files uploaded in file upload field This is handled both on frontend using JavaScript, and in backend via PHP to prevent anyone bypassing JavaScript.  Supports both AJAX and non-AJAX file upload field types for job, company, […]

Can I have a Video or a Slideshow Hero on Front Page?

On the Hero Area background from FrontPage, you can have a random choice between a gallery of images and a list of videos (optional). There isn’t an option to transform them into a slider. We have an excellent reason for this: when one has some content in front of a slider (a moving series of images), the site’s visual performance drops quite […]

Can I edit or add new listing fields?

Yes! You can edit the listing fields manually by tackling the PHP code or using a 3rd party plugin. There are three main ways to customize the fields in WP Job Manager; For simple text changes, using a localization file or a plugin such as the Say What Plugin. See Translating WP Job Manager for more information. Use […]

Other Plugins Compatible With Listable

As a follow-up to our Premium Plugins To Extend the Theme Functionality article, we thought it worthwhile to compile a list of popular plugins we’ve found working fine with Listable, even though we haven’t set out to integrate with them. So please bear in mind that we haven’t committed ourselves to maintain a smooth integration with them. […]