Premium Plugins To Extend Listable Functionality

Listable is offering seamless integration with many 3rd party plugins, rather than to strictly impose and limit the functionality of the theme. This flexibility allows you to juggle with a great variety of new ideas for your project, easily mixing various plugins to achieve your specific goals. Besides this, if you don’t need some functionality you simply don’t […]

Organizing Listings by Regions

Regions provide a helpful way to group listings by specific locations. They work like categories and tags. Step 1 — Install the WP Job Manager – Regions for WP Job Manager Plugin To enable the Regions taxonomy, you need to install and activate the Regions for WP Job Manager plugin from Step 2 — […]

Organizing Listings With Categories and Tags/Amenities

Categories provide a helpful way to group related listings and quickly tell visitors what a listing is about. Categories make it easier for people to find your content. Categories are similar to but broader than tags. Both have their place in the filtering area inside the search results page, and both have support for icons with slightly different styling. […]

Managing the “Add a Listing” Page

The Add a Listing page is used by your visitors for front end listings submission. As an Administrator, you can add listings via admin by following this tutorial. After you’ve followed the Installing the Theme guide, at Step 2, you were advised to create an Add a Listing page automatically. This is just a regular page with a […]

Managing the “Single Listing” Page

With Listable, our directory WordPress theme, we’ve adapted the famous WP Job Manager interface, added the necessary features, and create an easy-to-use system so you can create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. After you’ve followed the Getting Started guide, you can start adding listings. Find out how below. Adding and Managing Listings There are two ways to […]

Creating the “Listings” Archive Page

The “Listings Archive page shows a record of your listings along with a location map, as well as filters for searching. After you’ve followed the Getting Started guide, at Step 2 you were advised to automatically create a “Listings” page. This is just a regular page with a simple shortcode that renders the listings: [jobs] This […]

Creating the “Home” Page (Front Page)

Like any website, your website needs a front-page, and Listable has a dedicated set of options to achieve this. Further below, there is a step-by-step guide. Step 1 — Create a “Home” page From your site, WP dashboard, add a new page and name it “Home” or similar. Then find the Page Attributes section in the right […]

Can I edit the theme files the way I want?

You have full control over the theme files and you can change them any way you want. If you just want to add some simple CSS snippets to your website, you can easily use the Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS area. Everything will remain the same even if you update or change the theme. […]

How to add videos to my posts?

If you’re looking to add a video from YouTube or Vimeo inside a post,  you need to copy and paste the video link in a specific area of your article. There’s no need to do any other tricks because WordPress will take care of everything to showcase the video beautifully. You can also have Video Post Format […]

Do you offer customer support?

We understand that the customer service is highly important, so give our best to offer a great experience. That’s why, when you buy a product from our shop, we provide solid assistance as long as you have an active license. Firstly, you should check the documentation area where you can find a bunch of helpful articles about how to […]

Adding Extra Social Networks to the Author Bio

Author Bio is a small section at the end of the blog posts, where you can display information about the post author with links to their website and social profiles. By default, WordPress makes available only the website field. If you want to display other links to your social profiles (e.g., Facebook, Twitter), you need […]

Post Formats

Since we all know not all content is created equal, Silk takes full advantage of the Post Formats WordPress feature. This way, you are able to adjust the story you want to share to a specific type from the following post formats: Standard Post On the blog and archives, standard posts will display the title, featured […]

Featured Posts Slideshow

On your home page, you can showcase your most prized posts in the form of a fancy slideshow. You can refer to this area in multiple ways: promoting the latest content or the most popular or even use it as an advertising area. However, please note that to benefit from this feature, you need to […]

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #4

Our six-months Transparency Report (No. #4) about wow we did in the last half of the year and what we’ve learned.

Can I use the theme on multiple sites?

All our WordPress themes come with a license key that allows you to access product updates and our customer support team. By purchasing a single theme, you get a license key for one website. If you are a freelancer or a digital agency that builds multiple sites, you can go with the Themes Bundle plan to get […]