Can I use my theme with

While we sell some themes on, those purchases can’t be transferred to a self-hosted WordPress site. The main reason is because is a service (you don’t get any files to download) and the code is different to some extent. However, you can ask for a refund from within 30 days from your purchase […]

Changing Colors

We are all psychologically affected by colors, and they hold power to influence your audience’s feelings and behaviors directly. Therefore, colors play a powerful role in the general experience you’re crafting for people who visit your website. Choosing the colors while keeping consistency from one page to the other is not easy. This is especially […]

How to translate your WordPress website

WordPress comes with a lot of great benefits. One of them is the fact that it is fully translated into over 169 languages. If, for example, your website targets Spanish speakers, this can be very important. You should know that changing the WordPress language from the Dashboard → Settings → General area is not enough. […]

Adding the Demo Content

The demo content covers two main aspects that you should consider: it presents the strengths of our theme, and it showcases the smart features we provide. We highly recommend referring to it as a great inspiring starting point to see how much you can achieve with your upcoming website. Before you start To get the […]

Activating the Theme

A proper setup is crucial for a right-foot start into the WordPress world. This article will walk you through the process of accurately activating your theme. Please keep in mind that this stage comes after the installation, not the other way around. Go to Dashboard and click on Appearance → Themes. Go to theme you just […]

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #3

These months were a bit of an eye-opener in many respects. More dynamic, more tough and introspective most of the time. We’ve ended up more in tune with who we are and where we want to go.