Adding the Demo Content

The demo con­tent cov­ers two main aspects that you should con­sid­er: it presents the strengths of our theme, and it show­cas­es the smart fea­tures we pro­vide. We high­ly rec­om­mend refer­ring to it as a great inspir­ing start­ing point in order to see how much you can achieve with your upcom­ing website.

Before you start

To get the right results, please val­i­date once again these details:

  • make sure you installed and acti­vat­ed the required plugins
  • if your site is already filled with con­tent, please don’t import demo data because your cur­rent con­tent will be mixed with the new one and things will get messy
  • dou­ble check that you have no errors in Theme Dash­board → Sta­tus so that the process will run as smooth as possible

Loading Demo Content


What happens if the import process stops at some point?

If the import process seems to stop, then you should know that it might be just a com­mon Word­Press issue relat­ed to the max­i­mum exe­cu­tion time exceed­ed. There is a plu­g­in that you can use to fix this eas­i­ly. If you still strug­gle with it, read our friend­ly arti­cle about what you need to do to fin­ish the demo data import.

Is the demo content free to use?

Because all the demo media con­tent is under copy­right, you’re not allowed to use it in any per­son­al or com­mer­cial way. Instead, what you can do is to ana­lyze it and get inspired to make your web­site at least as strik­ing as our demo shows.

Why do you insert demo content?

We nev­er liked the web­sites with Lorem ipsum and dumb images. We pre­fer real and authen­tic con­tent (pho­tos, text, mul­ti­me­dia) that match­es the style and atti­tude of the theme we pro­vide. Also, the demo con­tent is avail­able to expose our aes­thet­ic approach and gen­er­al look-and-feel that you can achieve it too.

Still struggling?

Don’t hes­i­tate to reach us out. We have ded­i­cat­ed ser­vices to help you out in no time.
Updated on October 16, 2017

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