Creating the “Listings” Archive Page

The “Listings Archive page shows a record of your listings along with a location map, as well as filters for searching.

After you’ve followed the Getting Started guide, at Step 2 you were advised to automatically create a “Listings” page. This is just a regular page with a simple shortcode that renders the listings:


This shortcode can take many arguments and you can use it for other pages too. Read more about it on the Official Documentation page.

Display Listings From a Specific Category

If you want to create a separate page that shows only listings from a specific category, you can use the shortcode above with the categories parameter:

[jobs categories="shops"]

Remove the Map From Listings Archive Page

Show the listings archive results without the map by using the show_map parameter:

[jobs show_map="false"]

That’s it. Creating your listing page is very straight forward.


Updated on October 18, 2021

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