Organizing Listings by Regions

Regions provide a helpful way to group listings by specific locations. They work like categories and tags.

Step 1 — Install the WP Job Manager – Regions for WP Job Manager Plugin

To enable the Regions taxonomy, you need to install and activate the Regions for WP Job Manager plugin from

Step 2 — Manage Listing Regions

For organizing listings under cities or countries, you can create a list of predefined regions and assign each listing to one of these. They can be made by accessing the Listings → Regions section or directly on the Add/Edit Listings page from the new Regions block.

Step 3 — Filter Listings by Region

You can replace the plain text Location field with a dropdown of predefined Regions by going to Listings → Settings and check the Filter by Region option. This will appear just before the Categories field in the Listings Archive (Map) pages.

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Updated on September 23, 2021

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