Adding Products/Deals to Listings

By linking a product to a listing, you can increase business sales and offer all kind of special offers to your visitors (eg. Movie Tickets). In order to do that, let’s follow the steps below:

To link WooCommerce products to your listings you need the WP Job Manager – Products plugin (sold separately).

Step 1  Install the WooCommerce and Products Plugin

You must first purchase, install and activate the WP Job Manager – Products (Astoundify) plugin along with the free WooCommerce one.

Step 2  Add the Listing » Products Widget

After installation, a new Listing – Products widget will be available to be placed in the Single Listing page.

Navigate to a listing page and in the Admin Bar, click on the Customize Listings Layout (screenshot) → select Listing » Sidebar Top widget area → Add a WidgetListing » Products.

Now all the linked products will appear on the right sidebar of the associated listing.

Step 3  Add a Product

Start by adding a WooCommerce product by following the Adding and Managing Products guide. Few additional notes:

  • To better keep track of the products, I recommend to name them by including the listing title on it (eg. Movie Night Popcorn at IMAX Cinema.).
  • Use the Product Short Description field if you want to add a small explanatory description.

After the Products plugin installation, a new Select Your Services & Products field appear both on the backend and frontend of your Listing editing page. Use it to select your newly created product.

That’s it! Now the product should be beautifully displayed in the listing page. See a live example from the demo.

Advanced Functionality

Now that the basic functionality is settled, you can go even further and add more functionality to your products.

You can use the WooCommerce Bookings plugin to add various date based bookings/reservations (check those listings) or the Product Vendors plugin to let business owners add and manage their own products, and you earn commissions in a multi-vendor marketplace.

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Updated on February 26, 2021

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