How do I allow Vendors to sell Products through their Listings?

Besides adding listings, you can allow vendors to sell and manage their WooCommerce products.

Using the Product Vendors plugin, they will be able to add products/deals to listings or self-manage the availability of the booking times within the WordPress backend.

To allow vendors to sell products through your listings you need the Product Vendors and WP Job Manager – Products plugin (sold separately).

How will it work?

The process will be usually split into 3 steps: add the vendor account by the site admin, then the vendor will add the product + listing and link each other:

Step 1 — Add a new vendor account

This way, they will be able to add and edit their own product. (read Managing Vendors)

Step 2 — Add the product

The vendor adds their product through the WooCommerce backend. (read Self-Management for Vendors)

Step 3  Add the listing

The vendor adds their listing and assigns the above-mentioned product (read Managing the Add Listing Page and see screenshot).

For in-depth documentation check out the official Product Vendors Documentation.

Can I take a percentage (%) commission from the transactions?

Yes! You have complete control over how much commission each vendor receives for a sale and you can even manually add new commissions and edit existing ones (see screenshot).

Is there a FREE alternative to the Product Vendors plugin?

Yes, there is a pretty popular free plugin called WC Vendors that you can give it a try.

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Updated on August 12, 2021

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