[Interview part #1] How can blogging help you pursue your dreams?

Some customers are hard to forget. They move something profound in us through how they shape our WordPress themes to their particular universe. We are lucky enough to have such creators on board because they keep our wheels spinning.

July 16, 2018
Reading time 7 – 11 minutes

I loved Bruno’s food blog from the first time I came across his digital crib. I was impressed not only by the gorgeous and drooling photos he’s showcasing on Julia, our WordPress theme, but mostly about how he succeedes to provide a gentle and calm experience. Something was super different than any other website I discovered in the last couple of months.

I wanted to dig deeper and learn more about the creator behind the scene. Who’s thy guy who succeeds to go beyond a digital screen and make me feel such emotions? So I reached out Bruno and asked for an interview. He was up for the challenge without hesitations.

I encourage you to walk through the entire conversation and let his inner-why and emotions inspire you. Enjoy the journey!

Bruno’s taking amazing photographs for his food blog made with Julia

Q: You’re born in Italy— what made you choose Berlin?

Bruno: I am an atypical Italian who does not drink wine or coffee, who likes the smell of coffee and the color of the wine. It’s the classic situation when you go with a friend for an audition, and you end up applying as well.

I now embrace more the progress than the final result itself. I like observing my evolution.

Berlin was an unexpected audition for me. I had a pretty good life in Italy, but living abroad was part of my destiny I guess.

Q: What have you studied and how did that shape your path?

Bruno: I’ve studied literature and foreign languages. My studies have nothing to do with my path: I like following different paths, I get bored very easily. Sometimes I force myself to do things that I don’t like to appreciate more of what I really like.

I love contrasts. For sure the fact that my father was an architect and interior designer brought imagination and creativity in my background as a kid.

One of the many unconventional recipes signed by Bruno

Q: What’s your mantra and what made you join the blogging ride?

Bruno: Is more a memory that pops up to my mind every time I am in doubt. As a teenager, I gave up a couple of times to pursue my dreams. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I’ve tried hard to not make excuses and just do it. I now embrace the progress more than the final result itself. I like observing my evolution.

Q: What drives you to keep publishing new appealing stories?

Bruno: Myself. I don’t care about what peo­ple think about that, if they want to fol­low me or not. I have no expec­ta­tions from the sys­tem, from social media, I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly fol­low the rules, because even if you get them, they might change again and again. I see this as time tak­en from your cre­ative process, therefore you should not spend it try­ing to under­stand algo­rithms.

No one should be overwhelmed: my only concern is to have integrity, to do something for a purpose.

This summer I was in Los Angeles, visiting a beautiful landscape design shop, the host was a nice lady in her 50’s, she introduced herself as a writer and paintress. I asked her if there was an online portfolio where I can see her work, she kindly replied to me that she doesn’t need that, people will come to her. That’s the way, I’ve thought.

Q: Do you use your website as a personal portfolio?

Bruno: I use my website as “ikigai”, a Japanese word that means a reason for being in life, what you are good at in life. Sometimes we struggle in our life because we don’t know what to do or what’s our purpose when the answer is there under our eyes: we are just not honest enough to recognize our limits or our potential.

I don’t use my website with the final intention to be my portfolio, that is more of a consequence. I use it to remember myself there are things to make and do. To never procrastinate.

Q: Is blogging yet another way of expressing your creative potential?

Bruno: I’ve always blogged since the first blog platforms appeared back in 2002 I guess. But at that time blogging was more genuine and a new mysterious process to share thoughts. Definitely is still a big part to share my visions, more than express my potential.

Bruno is having an obsessive yet inspiring attention to details

Q: You raised the bar in many senses. Should beginners feel overwhelmed and pros challenged?

Bruno: Not necessarily. Social media channels are giving a chance for everyone to create something. No one should be overwhelmed: my only concern is to have integrity, to do something for a purpose. Don’t watch the numbers but the integrity of what you are doing.

I can efficiently manage my articles, putting all the images in the gallery, writing the article, incorporate the YouTube video and send the link to my clients.

Q: You use several mediums for your content — which one do you enjoy most?

Bruno: I am more visual than verbal, so YouTube and Instagram are my preferred choices. But the idea that what I am doing can be tracked only on Instagram or Facebook is something that I don’t like at all. I want a proper home for my content, a neat place where only I can decide the final look, so the blog is crucial for me.

Q: How is your blog working with your video content?

Bruno: In the beginning, there was only Youtube, I needed more content to think about a blog. Not only this, I looked a lot before approaching Pixelgrade, because I wanted the perfect house for my work, and no one seemed good to me. Now is much easier than in the beginning thanks to my blog, especially when I collaborate with brands. I can efficiently manage my articles, put all the images in the gallery, write the article, incorporate the YouTube video and send the link to my clients.

Don’t be afraid to start. You have to at some point. Don’t watch the numbers, they come and go.

I know you can do that with any blog, but the accessibility, usability and look that I have with mine is precisely the way I wanted. On YouTube, I don’t need to waste time writing all that description in the info box below the video, because I can just link my blog. My template, Julia, also gives the chance to download the recipe as a pdf. I can’t ask for more!

Q: What is the hardest thing when you are filming yourself cooking?

Bruno: The hardest thing is, in fact, to turn everyhing into a zen practice. My kitchen is tiny, I wish I could have more space, but this is what I have now, and I have to make it work for me.

Must-have ingredients for Bruno’s vegan recipes

My camera has no zoom, is fixed, so I have to work as there is a given frame and I have to paint something sweet inside that frame. These limits help me be more creative about finding different solutions. I also have to be really careful with my hands on my daily life and take care of them: right now I have a big cut on my finger, I can’t shoot because I can’t show my hands.

Q: Would you recommend people to start showcasing their style through blogging?

Bruno: Don’t be afraid to start. You have to at some point. Don’t watch the numbers, they come and go. Don’t be confused if you get some influences from people you follow and like, this is normal.

You will reach the moment where you will develop your signature and style and stop watching anyone else anymore. Just have integrity, imagine yourself watching what you are doing in 50 years and be proud of that!

👉 A few key messages from Bruno’s approach on blogging:

  • Be brave and start — don’t overthink, don’t search for all the answers out there, and let yourself be surprised and be open to learn on the fly.
  • Ignore numbers and comparisons — follow your tempo and focus on what you are doing per se because this is what keeps your wheels spinning.
  • Respect your creations — find the best solution to express your personality and showcase your creative work in a meaningful way.
  • Explore as much as you can — get out your comfort zone and try different things and approaches to find out what fuels your creativity.
  • Follow your gut feeling — look inside and act in harmony with your values and your ambitions to be empowered in the long run.
  • Have patience — be tolerant with yourself because you will reach a point where you will find your unique signature to blogging.

As you can notice yourself, there are plenty of blogging flavors. Have the courage to choose yours and embrace the adventure as Bruno does on a daily basis. As long as you are in resonance with your values and you follow them nothing bad can happen. In fact, you might be surprised to see where does this path leads you. 

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