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Oana Filip

There’s no news any­more that our Word­Press themes are used by dozens of cre­ative peo­ple from all over the world. Mathilde is one of those who keeps our wheels spin­ning and stan­dards high.

I was super excit­ed when I came across Mathilde’s blog. Even though her writ­ing is in French, the over­all look-and-feel kept my inter­est and made me won­der through her beau­ti­ful visu­al sto­ries. It is some­thing tru­ly amaz­ing regard­ing how she uses Julia, our food Word­Press theme, but also about how she cre­at­ed a strong per­son­al brand around her dig­i­tal crib.

Julia looks stun­ning on Mathilde’s food blog

What fol­lows rep­re­sents a tiny piece from her dai­ly puz­zle as a blog­ger and food fanat­ic. Let’s dive in!

Mathilde’s 29 years old, lives in Lyon, and she’s a moth­er of a lit­tle girl. Cook­ing was always part of her iden­ti­ty and a way of express­ing her­self. She felt the need to share this joy with oth­er peo­ple, so she cre­at­ed a blog five years ago. For her, it was the best place to kick-off a dia­logue and express her­self.

Mathilde in action as a culi­nary styl­ist

Today, she still loves the liaisons she’s been nur­tur­ing with those who are active­ly read­ing her food sto­ries. Mathilde told me that engag­ing with her com­mu­ni­ty is one of the most impor­tant things which keeps her moti­vat­ed along the way. The sec­ond one has to do with the fact that she feels true-to-her­self and this is what mat­ters most to her.

I start­ed blog­ging to stop mag­ne­tiz­ing my recipes on my fridge, but also because I want­ed to share my pas­sion with oth­ers.

One of the things that grabs the atten­tion while enter­ing her Julia blog is linked to an aes­thet­ic point of view. Every­thing seems to be on the right spot and cre­ates a coher­ent expe­ri­ence. Clean, beau­ti­ful, charm­ing, cap­ti­vat­ing — all these words define Mathilde’s visu­al mantra. How­ev­er, there’s no coin­ci­dence per se since she start­ed her pro­fes­sion­al life as a graph­ic design­er and she always had a thing for image com­po­si­tion

Prepar­ing the new gem for her blog —

Mathilde was always very handy and grow­ing up she dis­cov­ered that she could turn her pas­sion into a full-time job. The more she explored the world of design the more fas­ci­nat­ed she was and it seems it is not going to stop soon.

Culi­nary styl­ist is the name of my job, so I’m mak­ing the most out of my knowl­edge for both my clients and my blog.

She’s quite con­fi­dent that of the rea­sons why she bought Julia was the fact that our theme is help­ing her to bring the vision to real­i­ty both in terms of blog­ging and per­son­al port­fo­lio. Mathilde con­fessed me that what she loved most about our Word­Press gem was that her vis­i­tors could search through her recipes by the blink of an eye. Again, she rein­forced her gen­uine care about the com­mu­ni­ty around Besly.

Hey, are you looking to refresh your website’s design?

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Give Julia a spin

Even though she men­tioned quite a basic func­tion­al­i­ty, the sim­ple fact that she made a ref­er­ence to it high­lights her respon­si­bil­i­ty of offer­ing acces­si­ble options to her food fans. While way too many peo­ple run after glam­ours fea­tures, ignor­ing that peo­ple need reli­able solu­tions to spe­cif­ic needs, Mathilde chose a dif­fer­ent gate­way.

Shar­ing your pas­sion is the best thing I can advise about if you want to devel­op your cre­ativ­i­ty and be ful­filled.

At the end of our inter­view I was quite curi­ous to know if Mathilde would be the equiv­a­lent of a recipe what would that be and she told me the fol­low­ing: A brioche because it’s gen­er­ous, it calls for shar­ing and plunges us back into child­hood.

Some­times, blog­ging could feel like a trea­sure hunt. You can dis­cov­er a lot of valu­able insights along the way, but the first step is to start. The sec­ond one is to embrace the chal­lenge. This sto­ry could be yours too.

Oana Filip
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