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Using the WP Job Man­ag­er plu­g­in, your vis­i­tors have the option to sub­mit list­ings for free. You can give them cus­tom list­ings pack­ages which can be pur­chased dur­ing list­ing sub­mis­sion, by fol­low­ing the steps below:

To charge mon­ey for list­ings sub­mis­sion you need the WC Paid List­ings plu­g­in (sold sep­a­rate­ly).

Step 1  Install the WooCommerce and WC Paid Listings

You must first pur­chase, install and acti­vate the WC Paid List­ings plu­g­in along with the free WooCom­merce one.

Step 2 — Add the Listing Packages

After instal­la­tion, the first thing you’ll need to do is set­up some prod­ucts in WooCom­merce which list­ing sub­mit­ters can pur­chase.

Then fol­low the Set­ting up WooCom­merce prod­ucts as List­ing Pack­ages guide. After you pub­lish your pack­ages they will appear on the Add List­ing page.

Step 2.1  Add Subscriptions based Packages

List­ings Pack­ages can be sub­scrip­tions based using the WooCom­merce Sub­scrip­tions exten­sion from WooThemes (sold sep­a­rate­ly).

Read more on the Sub­scrip­tions Sup­port sec­tion from WP Job Man­ag­er doc­u­men­ta­tion.

Step 3  Highlight a Listing Package

If you want to high­light a list­ing pack­age (eg. Pro­fes­sion­al from the demo), all you have to do is to mark the prod­uct as fea­tured.

Go to the Admin → Prod­ucts → Prod­ucts and select the Star in the fea­tured col­umn. You can alter­na­tive­ly select the Quick Edit option to select the Fea­tured option (screen­shot).

Besides the high­light­ed style, if you want to add a badge to a List­ing Pack­age, just add it as a Tag to the respec­tive prod­uct (screen­shot).

Step 5  Show the Packages before Entering the Listing Details

To improve the user expe­ri­ence of sub­mit­ting a list­ing, would be bet­ter to show the List­ing Pack­ages option before fill­ing all the details. To do that go to List­ings → Set­tings → Sub­mis­sion → Paid List­ings Flow → Choose a pack­age before enter­ing job details

For more Details and Sup­port fol­low the offi­cial WooCom­merce Paid List­ings User Guide

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This article applies to Listable, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on May 30, 2017

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