Adding Products/Deals to Listings

By link­ing a prod­uct to a list­ing, you can increase busi­ness sales and offer all kind of spe­cial offers to your vis­i­tors (eg. Movie Tick­ets). In order to do that, let’s fol­low the steps below:

To link WooCom­merce prod­ucts to your list­ings you need the WP Job Man­ag­er — Prod­ucts plu­g­in (sold sep­a­rate­ly).

Step 1  Install the WooCommerce and Products Plugin

You must first pur­chase, install and acti­vate the WP Job Man­ag­er — Prod­ucts (Astoun­di­fy) plu­g­in along with the free WooCom­merce one.

Step 2  Add the Listing » Products Widget

After instal­la­tion, a new List­ing — Prod­uctswid­get will be avail­able to be placed in the Sin­gle List­ing page.

Nav­i­gate to a list­ing page and in the Admin Bar, click on the Cus­tomize List­ings Lay­out (screen­shot) → select List­ing » Side­bar Top wid­get area → Add a Wid­getList­ing » Prod­ucts.

Now all the linked prod­ucts will appear on the right side­bar of the asso­ci­at­ed list­ing.

Step 3  Add a Product

Start by adding a WooCom­merce prod­uct by fol­low­ing the Adding and Man­ag­ing Prod­ucts guide. Few addi­tion­al notes:

  • To bet­ter keep track of the prod­ucts, I rec­om­mend to name them by includ­ing the list­ing title on it (eg. Movie Night Pop­corn at IMAX Cin­e­ma.).
  • Use the Prod­uct Short Descrip­tion field if you want to add a small explana­to­ry descrip­tion.

After Prod­ucts plu­g­in instal­la­tion, a new Select Your Ser­vices & Prod­ucts field appear both on the back­end and fron­tend of your List­ing edit­ing page. Use it to select your new­ly cre­at­ed prod­uct (screen­shot).

That’s it! Now the prod­uct should be beau­ti­ful­ly dis­played in the list­ing page. See a live exam­ple from the demo.

Advanced Functionality

Now that the basic func­tion­al­i­ty is set­tled, you can go even fur­ther and add more func­tion­al­i­ty to your prod­ucts.

You can use the WooCom­merce Book­ings plu­g­in to add var­i­ous date based bookings/reservations (check those list­ings) or the Prod­uct Ven­dors plu­g­in to let busi­ness own­ers add and man­age their own prod­ucts, and you earn com­mis­sions in a mul­ti-ven­dor mar­ket­place.

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This article applies to Listable, as they share the same underlying structure.

Updated on June 22, 2017

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