Pixelgrade Transparency Report #7

Learn more about what we man­aged to achieve in the last six months, which were the strug­gles along the way, and what’s the focus for the next peri­od.

How Should Bloggers and Brands Work Together

Blog­gers could cre­ate bet­ter brand part­ner­ships to mon­e­tize the con­tent and increase their rev­enue streams.

How Blogging Can Turn Into a New Life Path at 48 Years Old

Nic­ki is 48 years old, and she’s run­ning a beau­ti­ful blog about anti-aging and lifestyle with Hive on board.

3 Insights for Writing Your Blog’s About Page

Most of the About pages of blog­gers are gener­ic and lack rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion. We gath­ered action­able insights about how to write them from our top-notch cus­tomers.

Taking the Leap — From Blogger to Entrepreneur

There are a bunch of paths that you can take as a blog­ger. Sheila is a top-notch play­er who shares hers.

Starting your Traveling Blog with Vasco

Learn more about the process of build­ing Vas­co — a beau­ti­ful trav­el blog theme that helps blog­gers stand out from the crowd.


How a Pixelgrade Theme Contributes to Carmitive’s Rebranding Success

Car­mi­tive is a beau­ti­ful fash­ion blogazine which was suc­cess­ful­ly rebrand­ed with Hive, one of our Word­Press themes.


How Writing Influences Your Blogging Outcome

In order to get trac­tion and keep momen­tum, writ­ing should be at the core of every blog­ger out there.