Rosa 2: how does this theme look on real websites?

Almost two months ago, we launched Rosa 2, a brand new way of building websites with WordPress on board. We are grateful for quickly becoming our top-selling product, but also for the diversity of sites people have already built with it. We’ll show you some websites made with it that go beyond the restaurant niche.

November 28, 2019
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Rosa 2 is much more than a restaurant WordPress theme built on top of Gutenberg, the latest editor within the ecosystem. It is not only the sequel of Rosa 1, which is still the best-selling product in its category — it is also an opportunity.

With this theme on board, you can too push the boundaries and use it to fit various digital needs.

The playground where people can mix and match Rosa 2 is not an accident nor a surprise for us. We knew it from the early days that this WordPress theme will impact the status quo of how people build websites due to its design and functionalities.

As we already described in extenso in the release blog post regarding our approach on Rosa 2, from the philosophy up to the craft behind the process, this theme can be seen more as a tool and less as a ZIP file.

Just imagine the toolbox of a carpenter: you got everything you need to either build something beautiful or, on the contrary, damage and ruin things around you. In the end, it’s a choice — your choice.

It’s not only my teammates or me who share this perspective, but also our existing customers who took us by surprise and proved that Rosa 2 could adjust to a wide range of destinations: restaurants, hotels, arts&crafts, coffee shops, catering, and more. 

We previously showcased at least three possible destinations for Rosa 2: building online stores, personal websites, or even www for events and gatherings of all kinds. However, people who put their skin in the game and paid for our WordPress theme were even braver than us and went further.

I chose three areas where Rosa 2 fits like a glove, so in case you need more inspiration to get started, here you can get some. Enjoy it!

1. A coffee shop where passion stays at the core

The guys from Happy Coffee use Rosa 2 to highlight their love for specialty coffee in a way that fits their personality and style. Moreover, they plan to keep using our theme to create several landing pages, depending on the country where they want to expand their business.

On the homepage, you can easily find out more about their story, what they do, and how they do it to make sure they grab attention and set the right expectations for the visitor. Here is their bold statement:

”Happy Coffee stands for quality coffee beans made from transparent direct trade from farmers and cooperatives all over the world. All our coffee beans are selected based on our criteria.”

Since they are in the business of selling specialty coffee across Europe, they also wrote their first in-depth blog post about why Chemex, a method of preparing coffee, is their favorite.

Hopefully, more articles are on their way to see the light of the day since the design of the blog within Rosa 2 looks outstanding and matches the overall mojo.

2. A website to promote Shopify as a solution for e-commerce

It was quite a surprise to see that one of our customers uses Rosa 2 to promote Shopify — the popular e-commerce platform where you can sell whatever you want.

As WordPress players, our first recommendation would be to choose WooCommerce, a well-known plugin within the open-source ecosystem.

Thus, this does not mean that we don’t appreciate the effort of putting together a beautiful website with Rosa 2. After all, WordPress is one of the best options for services websites, a place where Shopify doesn’t spark. However, this is how the people behind endorse the platform:

”Many online shops have grown to become successful businesses on the Shopify e-commerce platform. If you have a business idea you’ve been thinking about, launch it on Shopify.”

The crew behind the website is, in fact, Shopbouwers, a Shopify partner and believer that can help you build and migrate your Shopify online store.

The home page they created with Rosa 2 doesn’t follow our demo since they needed to adjust the sections to their particular needs. Fortunately, with Nova Blocks, the free plugin within our theme, it was easy peasy to twist and turn everything in just a couple of minutes without ruining the experience.

3. A mother-and-daughter creative and spiritual business 

It was thrilling for me to discover a business type I am not familiar with, which intrigued me and made me curious to want to find out more. In the end, Trump’s name appears on the website, so yeah, I was looking forward to finding more.

A mother and daughter joined their creative forces to create paintings based on ancient spiritual techniques. However, they do more than that by offering an entire spectrum of services linked to the concepts around Ki Compass and Feng Shui. The story on the About page is alluring, and the following snippet is proof in this sense.

”We explain the unexplained and discover hidden. We transfer intentions and desires to the canvas. We receive signals and materialize them. Our paintings set new life paths.”

Their website is a bit more complex due to the multiple layouts of their business. You can get access to a free consultation, buy some custom paintings, or simply get familiar with their approach to wealth and creativity.

It’s great to see that the way the website is structured makes it easy to find out all kinds of relevant details: who are the creators, what are they offering, the motivation behind their work, and what’s the value people are getting out of it.

These are just a few examples that caught our attention so far and that we wanted to put in context to show you, once again, that Rosa 2 keeps its promise — a brand new way of building websites with WordPress.

No matter what type of digital presence you aim to nurture in both the short and long run, this premium WordPress theme comes with the entire set of tools to help you shine. Make it count.

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