Could a photography WordPress theme work for other industries?

Let’s face it: there’s quite a hassle to choose a WordPress theme these days. It seems that everyone is shouting the same evergreen features and functionalities. Each presentation page looks too good to be true in terms of the value it promises. 

January 17, 2020
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Fargo used on various creative industries

The truth is that it can’t be such uniformity across the board. Even though the ocean is super crowded with all kinds of products, that does not imply that customers have more good alternatives to choose from. In fact, what is happening is that it’s harder for them to make a smart decision.

Customers need to invest more time and energy, sometimes even upfront money, to get a broader perspective about which product would fit their digital needs.

On one hand, they are overwhelmed by the research they need to do, and on the other one, the WordPress themes’ creators are exhausted about finding ways to get heard.

Thus, things should not be this way. You, as a customer, can challenge the status quo and make sure you protect your interests. 

In the end, nobody will do that for you. 

It would be awesome if you could give yourself the best chances to get the theme that helps you reach your goal. It sounds like a walk in the park, but it’s not that simple to transform this intention into reality.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how you could change the lens you are looking through when searching for your next WordPress theme. We applied everything to a particular product, Fargo, our wedding photography WordPress theme, to narrow the universe of possibilities and expectations. 

First of all, it’s time to step up your game and leave the I want more features attitude aside. It doesn’t help you. It would be best if you did not run after more, but after better, tailored to your particular needs

Once you do that, you will start seeing opportunities that otherwise would not have enough room to reveal. You will analyze WordPress themes from a different angle, more pragmatic and realistic

In the end, you won’t not able to create a better website because you have more options at your fingertips. Not at all. You will put together an outstanding website if you know what you want to get out of it and are ready to invest: time, energy, and money.

You have the chance to put together a digital crib that lasts and brings results if you have a clear idea about what you plan to accomplish with it and are consistent in managing it in the long run.

Second of all, allow yourself to be be more creative and leverage your imagination outside de demo content you are seeing when looking for the right product for your upcoming project. 

We know that’s super convenient to limit your efforts and stick to the theme that sells the demo that you almost want to duplicate, but that’s not always a smart thing to do. It’s easier and quite straightforward, but that’s definitely not the only approach.

It’s like in fashion, where some people are keen to buy the outfit on the mannequin instead of searching for the best options for their particular needs (height, weight, style, lifestyle). By doing so, you end up copycatting others and looking like them. 

If you follow my advice, you will not only expand your horizons regarding which WordPress theme fits you best, but you’re also going to reach your creative potential and build a website that makes you proud: it represents your brand, the values you stand for, it showcases your work flawlessly, it creates a memorable experience.

Next, we want to demonstrate how a wedding photography WordPress product can be used diversely. Discover how Fargo enhances the core of the story, the people, the brand, and the company it hosts.

Fargo as a home for a small handmade furniture studio

Maybe it’s not easy to imagine that a photography WordPress theme can work quite lovely for a studio where passionate people are creating limited-edition handcrafted furniture. You can wonder how could these two arenas bridge and shape a beautiful digital experience. 

Well, it can be done, and it can look outstandingly.

The Eterra Studio twisted Fargo to showcase their furniture in great style while also keeping the promise of their brand clean and straightforward: “We aim to improve the liaisons between people and the spaces they use because we believe your home should make you feel proud whether enjoyed alone or with the company.

Once you enter their homepage, you get immersed in their unique world of creative souls who have a strong love for wood and want to make it shine in each home it lands. 

You are also appalled by the beautiful photographs of their products, and you feel the need to find out more about the driver that makes them craft such gems.

Taking into consideration that the furniture is super customized to their customers’ needs, makes perfect sense the fact that you can’t buy directly from their website. 

Instead, you can drop them a line and get in touch for a more personal approach. This way, you have the chance to talk directly with the creators and find the best solution.

Maybe at some point, if they will choose to grow their business and create a collection of products, they will explore more features, like the integration of WooCommerce. Since Fargo is already compatible with the famous e-commerce plugin and looks excellent, they will be able to create an online store with ease.

”While using Fargo, I found out that building a beautiful website was not as complicated and as time-consuming as I had imagined. All of my previous frustrating experience with other WordPress products was replaced by a delightful one that made me feel excited and confident in the online presence of my brand.

The feature that I like the most would be the hero area carousel. This was the primary design element that caught my attention, and I think that this feature, with its dynamic design and unique look, creates a great first impression for our visitors.” — Ștefania, Eterra Studio

Fargo as a home for a creative industries hub 

Another example that’s representative for what we mentioned at the beginning of this article is Co_Temporary, a center in Copenhagen that brings together artists, designers, brands, and social entrepreneurs to work together and engage in collaborative projects.

They’ve been using Fargo to present their growing community of creators, but also to promote various events they are running: from art to design exhibitions, from all kinds of gatherings to more formal presentations. 

The website of Co_Temporary is quite a masterpiece due to how smart they’ve been using some key features of this premium WordPress theme. 

From the slideshow area within the hero section, where you understand at a glimpse the strong statement they’re reinforcing, to how they chose to display only what’s strictly necessary for the rest of the homepage or the bold way they played with the About page.

One of the most alluring things about this website is how the animations and transitions are put to their best use. Due to its nature — creative and entrepreneurial — these features make a lot of sense and highlight the core of Co_Temporary, amplifying their personality.

”The Fargo theme from Pixelgrade is by far one of the best Wordpress themes we have seen. The code is well written and the aesthetics and simplicity are world-class. It is easy to configure and worth every penny. I like, in particular, the horizontal portfolio section. It has a very custom feel.” — Aya, Co_Temporary

These are just two examples that open an entire spectrum of possibilities in terms of how you can use a photography WordPress theme for other industries too. 

The most crucial aspect is to take the time and write down your particular needs and then start looking for the product and its features that get you closer to what you want to achieve. Not the other way around. 

If you are fishing for all kinds of options and big promises in the hopes that you will match them somehow in the future, well, you will soon feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Of course, you can always stick to what’s presented in the demo of the product, but there are plenty of alternatives that it’s useful to, at least, consider.

For this to happen, you need to have clarity about why you are putting together a website in the first place.

Building simple WordPress themes that solve real digital needs and come equipped with specific perks, but also constraints was our approach from the beginning. We genuinely believe it is the best approach to helping people create an outstanding website that looks great but also serves a set of goals, no matter how big or small.

Therefore, it’s up to each of us to change the focus of the conversation around WordPress themes from debating around a vast list of features to presenting more gateways that allow you to make the most out of a theme and create better websites that get the job done.

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