Cards Collection Block

The Cards Collection block is designed to help you display related pieces of information in a coherent side-by-side layout. Due to its easy to use customization system, you can personalize it to fit a wide range of needs, from displaying your team members, to showcasing media appearances, listing your services, and much more. Since this […]

Rosa 2 in action on websites from different industries

Rosa 2 looks outstanding on various sites, regardless of the industry. We gladly present you three different scenarios to get some inspiration.

How to backup your WordPress website

Backup is essential because, with every WordPress or themes and plugins update, things might break or vulnerabilities can be exposed and leveraged by attackers. Having a full site backup that you can restore at any time is mandatory if you don’t want to lose important data or your whole website overnight. There are several great […]

How to choose the right customer for your photo business?

Learn how to identify and select the worthy customers for your photography business.

How to make a living from your skills, passions, and hobbies

See how others manage to make a living by combining their skills, hobbies, and passions in unique ways.

How working at Pixelgrade impacts my growth

Learn about how I got to work at Pixelgrade, what fears I had to overcome to join the team and what I’ve experienced here in the past 3 months

George typing on his laptop-min

A few ways to share your written stories online

Want to channel and showcase your creativity in the digital realm but don’t know how? Here are some useful tips.

How to improve the quality of images in WordPress

Images can highly reduce readership, especially if they are not used properly and if their quality is not up to par. That’s a fact, and there are dozens of articles written on this particular topic. The truth is that people skip websites that display images with low quality or that aren’t aligned to a bigger […]

Managing the “Parallax Sections”

With , we have set ourselves to create a simple yet flexible system to control pages with multiple text and images sections with parallax and a host of carefully designed animations. Let me walk you through the whole story so you can master all its strengths. Creating the Page Structure In WordPress, pages are hierarchical, […]

Adding Share Buttons with AddThis

Sharing your content is no longer a nice-to-have; people spend a lot of valuable time on social platforms. Encouraging your visitors to spread your content across a broad range of social networks and drive more traffic to your site requires a certain strategy. There are many ways people can contribute and spread the word, so […]

Personalizing your website’s appearance

takes full advantage of the Customizer to manage the settings for your layout, spacings, sizes, and more as easily as possible. And what better way to make style twists than with the live preview? Simply change any setting and see it take effect right way from Appearance → Customize. Make sure it represents your overall […]