Andra from Flair Scent in her handmade soy candle studio sold online via Rosa2

How to sell your crafts online using WordPress

Showcasing and selling online your creative products might look like a danger zone you are about to enter. We help you be safe and shine.

Unexpected or Invalid Content Block Error

Although nothing is visibly affected on your live website, when editing a page or a post, you might see an error over some of the blocks: “This block contains unexpected or invalid content.” This error usually shows up after updating your WordPress theme, plugins, or the WordPress version installed on your website. This can happen […]

How to run a company blog that people want to read

Learn how to create and run a company blog that people want to read and that turns an audience into fans.

questions to ask before creating your website

Which questions to ask before creating your website

See how you can go beyond the visual and aesthetic and ask the right questions to discover your needs and your audience’s wants.

Starting a newsletter on the right foundation

Without a clear strategy, you can leave room for all sorts of interpretations and frustrations on both ends—yours and your subscribers.

Adding image galleries to posts and pages

Image galleries are a lovely way to share your pictures with friends, family, and your growing community. An image gallery will display a set of small images attached to a particular post or page. With the new WordPress block editor, you can add and customize your galleries visually and with a few clicks. Let’s get […]

Crafting a consistent customer experience on your website

Learn how to shape a consistent experience for your visitors and upcoming customers. Make sure it’s memorable and in tune with your brand.