Premium Plugins To Extend Listable Functionality

Listable is offering seamless integration with many 3rd party plugins, rather than to strictly impose and limit the functionality of the theme. This flexibility allows you to juggle with a great variety of new ideas for your project, easily mixing various plugins to achieve your specific goals.

Besides this, if you don’t need some functionality you simply don’t install that specific plugin — this way you will keep your site cleaner, far from the likely bloat that comes pre-packaged with similar products.

All the core functionality of Listable is available through free plugins, but if you need to go even further, we’ve come along with a curated list of plugins from well-known and respected authors.

These are all the Premium Plugins (paid) used throughout our demo:

  • WP Job Manager – Bookmarks (optional): Add the option to bookmark listings.
  • WP Job Manager – Tags (optional): Used to fine-grain your listings filtering.
  • WP Job Manager – WooCommerce Paid Listings (optional): Sell quantity based listing packages.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions (optional): Sell subscription-based listing packages.
  • WooCommerce Bookings (optional): Offer reservations for certain listings.
  • WooCommerce Box Office (optional): Sell event tickets.
  • WP Job Manager – Products (optional): Display reservations right on the listing page.
  • WP Job Manager – Claim Listing (optional): Allow business owners to claim their listings.
  • Search WP (optional): Improve default WordPress search system.
  • Auto Location (optional): Improve the location field by adding an auto-suggests option.
  • Extended Location (optional): Allow the users to choose where the business is located on the map.
  • CSS Hero (optional): Beautifully customize your website without writing any line of code.

*Note that the theme doesn’t come bundled with any of these plugins. They are paid add-ons (optional) that extend the site functionality — we’re only offering a seamless visual interface integration, while support for each plugin is offered by their authors.

Do I need those premium plugins?

They are not mandatory for the theme — read their description first and install only if you need that extra functionality.

Why are the plugins not bundled within the theme?

Besides their licenses, there were numerous cases where bundling a plugin was a very bad practice — both in terms of security and portability. You can read more about this subject on WP Tavern or Envato Blog.


Updated on August 25, 2020

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