Can I charge Money for Listings Publishing?

Yes! You can use the WC Paid Listings plugin in combination with WooCommerce, to create and sell quantity based listings using custom Listings Packages.

You can sell Listing Packages (a new product type) either in your store or as part of the listing submission process.

Listing Packages can be given pricing just like regular products and can be customized to allow users to submit multiple listings with a single pack, create featured listings, and create listings with varying expirations. You can even offer several packs and pricing options at once – all listings packs will be visible during the job submission process.

NOTE: Purchasing Listings Packages forces checkout during registration so that they are associated with the user’s account. Purchased listings packs are then displayed on their account page.

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NOTE: How to choose a package before entering details

You’ll need to have this option chosen from Listings → Settings → Submissions → Paid Listings Flow →

Updated on October 22, 2018

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