Other Plugins Compatible With Listable

As a follow-up to our Premium Plugins To Extend the Theme Functionality article, we thought it worthwhile to compile a list of popular plugins we’ve found working fine with Listable, even though we haven’t set out to integrate with them. So please bear in mind that we haven’t committed ourselves to maintain a smooth integration with them. They follow the standards (as do we), and pleasant things happen as a consequence.

Some of these plugins are active on our demo, while some were just tested due to their notoriety or exciting functionality.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO may not be what it used to be (we believe this to be a good thing), but it doesn’t hurt to keep your site in top condition.

  • Yoast SEO (we use this highly popular, free plugin on the demo).
  • Slim SEO – a free SEO plugin perfect if you have little SEO knowledge.


Continuing with SEO optimization, there is no better way to boost your site than by keeping it running fast. One helpful tool (but not a fix-all solution) is the caching plugin:

  • WP Rocket (used on the demo) –  While a paid option, this will surely make up for it through sheer simplicity and ease of mind. It’s probably the best caching plugin around for the most of us (some hints supporting this claim).
  • W3 Total Cache – A classic caching plugin, with a truckload of options. So we would recommend it only to those that are more technically inclined.
  • WP Super Cache – The other highly popular plugin (from Automattic, the makers of WordPress), with more simplicity.

Design & Editing

  • Visual Composer – A highly popular, premium page builder plugin that aims to allow you to easily create presentation pages.
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder – A free alternative page builder, powerful and quite easy to use.
  • Say What? – Easily change any string on your website without editing code – Nice!
  • Nav Menu Roles – used on our demo. Using this free plugin you can display/hide menu items depending on whether a user is logged in or nor, or if it has certain credentials or not.
  • Menu Icons – Add icons to your menu items (we’re using it on the demo, under the Search menu).
  • WP Job Manager Emails (optional): Allows various email notifications. (eg. expired listings, new listing submission & more)
  • Meta Box – a free Gutenberg and GDPR-compatible WordPress custom fields plugin and framework that makes quick work of customizing a website with meta boxes and custom fields.

Selling Stuff


There remains only one plugin that doesn’t fit any category (and all simultaneously). Jetpack from Automattic. We would highly recommend you make this plugin your best friend and use it on all your WordPress installations as it will empower you with simple but powerful tools, starting from visual ones (tiled galleries, sliders, and so on), forms, comments, social sharing, and going to performance optimizations like Photon (effectively a free CDN) and security/monitoring. You will thank us later.


Updated on September 20, 2021

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