How to display the “About Me” widget?

The best way to build trust is by being transparent and straightforward. Your description of the website matter on multiple levels: on the one hand, it is a quick way of connection between the content and the real personal behind the scenes, on the other hand, you let people get a clue about who you are through a piece of your story.

Julia offers you room to display a relevant text and image by using a widget which is simple to handle it. Before letting you know where you can easily find, please take a look at the screenshot to see the result.

Now, all you have to do is to go to Appearance → Widgets → click on Text (screenshot), and add a short bio and a picture. For inserting the pic without struggles you need to use an HTML tag: <img src=”your image link goes here”>. On top of that, if you want to choose a particular place to display the widget on your website, please enable the JetPack Visibility.

Updated on August 25, 2020

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