We launch a new Pixelgrade


Today we proud­ly launch a more steady brand and dig­i­tal home as well. The new pixelgrade.com is up and kick­ing, and we’re eager to share with you the hon­est sto­ry behind the scenes. We’ve always been sup­port­ive towards the com­mu­ni­ty we’re part of, and we fos­ter the impres­sive pow­er of trans­paren­cy.

Allow us to show our grat­i­tude for how far we’ve head­ed. The last five months were like a roller­coast­er for every­one involved in this carousel. We worked real­ly hard to align the web­site and its core sto­ry to our inner-why.

The win we achieved hap­pened thanks to our force­ful team, a love­ly group of friends, and few bril­liant part­ners. We’ve cho­sen to prop­er­ly cel­e­brate this unique moment because we’re proud of the results. We deeply feel that every­thing fits per­fect, just like a puz­zle. And what oth­er way to grace­ful­ly do that than by shar­ing it all with you?

Genuine playground to explore

We’re a design stu­dio with a strong focus on build­ing Word­Press themes that solve real and painful dig­i­tal prob­lems. We set­tled to direct our ener­gy on help­ing three main tar­get seg­ments:

  • cre­ative entre­pre­neurs: pho­tog­ra­phers, archi­tects, visu­al artists
  • hob­by-dri­ven peo­ple: the folks who make the most out of their pas­sion
  • and small busi­ness own­ers: like food­ie busi­ness own­ers (restau­rants, bak­eries, cof­fee shops)

We’ve been active play­ers in this play­ground for more than five years, and we con­sid­er our­selves a pret­ty mature busi­ness with a crew of peo­ple who learned a lot dur­ing this jour­ney. Still count­ing, of course.

The main rea­son why we start­ed this chain of changes was most­ly because we knew we could be bet­ter. And yes, we’re that kind of peo­ple inter­est­ed in learn­ing and achiev­ing more. Also, we have always been want­i­ng to craft a more pleas­ant expe­ri­ence for our cus­tomers so that they can have a real feel­ing of how much we care about them. Some­how, we con­sid­er the tim­ing for this kind of chal­lenge a pret­ty priv­i­leged one since things work just fine.

Ques­tions every­thing as a col­lec­tive mantra.

A cutting-edge journey full of questions

How­ev­er, we didn’t have any clue about how things will work out in the end. George, our design­er mas­ter, felt the need to have a more con­sis­tent approach regard­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion (both on a visu­al and copy­writ­ing lev­el). But from his naive wish till what we have today is an enor­mous dis­tance which was filled in with a bunch of peo­ple, work hours and back-and-forths in between.


We kicked off with the bold ‘‘why?’’ ques­tion which was com­ing on the table over and over again.

Dig deep­er to find the inner-voice.

We asked our­selves why we’re doing what we’re doing on a dai­ly basis and what keeps our moti­va­tion up and kick­ing in the long run.

Many pos­si­ble answers came out to us but thanks to Mar­ius’s guid­ance (a full-time friend and a part-time men­tor) we estab­lished a sol­id ground to start with. From an in-depth analy­sis on the actu­al indus­try and com­pe­ti­tion, some per­sis­tent research ses­sions focused on how much are peo­ple will­ing to pay for our catchy Word­Press themes and what they expect in return till sev­er­al exper­i­ments run­ning on mul­ti­ple fields.

We had a tone of home works from Mar­ius who had great skills to get us out of our com­fort zone. We were liv­ing an intense expe­ri­ence where we need­ed to think wit­ty and to the point. We’re grate­ful that he lend us a huge help­ing hand to get our docks in a row and draw a strate­gic busi­ness red thread that brought us clar­i­ty and focus.

Values and Principles

The next bold move was his intro­duc­tion to Lau­ra, future full-time friend, and peo­ple-per­son. This time we embraced anoth­er chal­lenge, very emo­tion­al demand­ing because our peo­ple were at the core of it.

Gath­er­ing peo­ple around gives a sense of belong­ing.

This mind-open­ing part­ner­ship with her was shaped around the idea of becom­ing bet­ter and more per­for­mant as a team by set­ting the val­ues and prin­ci­ples that keep us togeth­er, along­side with the behav­iors that need­ed to be dupli­cat­ed or dis­solved over the time.

It might sound like a walk in the park, but in fact, it was anoth­er round of intense work. She hit us with a bunch of chal­lenges to fig­ure it out by our­selves because that was the health­i­er way to do it. Then we worked in micro-teams to debate every­thing we sup­posed to embrace at some point since each of us was involved and respon­si­ble for defin­ing the val­ues and prin­ci­ples that char­ac­ter­ize us.

An intense approach to get results

After we had what some­one would call a busi­ness mod­el can­vas, a clear­er goal, and a stronger set of val­ues for our team, we found the best local part­ners in terms of brand­ing and UX&UI design. Once again, we had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sup­port cre­atives that live and deliv­er beau­ti­ful dig­i­tal gems in the city we’re part of.

We start­ed a long-term col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Namogo agency on two dif­fer­ent paths at the same time. On the one hand, we worked togeth­er to design the web­site for our actu­al and poten­tial cus­tomers. On the oth­er one, we were devel­op­ing an inti­mate rebrand­ing process meant to find and align the essence of our sto­ry to our unique mantra.

It was no sur­prise that a lot of ping-pong was involved from day one. The ‘’why’’ ques­tion was pop­ping up again, but the main dif­fer­ence was that we need­ed to dig even deep­er than the first time.

After two months of active dia­logue and knowl­edge shar­ing, we found the essence of who we are, what we tru­ly offer, and how we make a dent in the dig­i­tal uni­verse.

The old clothes didn’t make us feel com­fort­able any­more. We some­how real­ized that they were born a bit super­fi­cial, with­out stand­ing on sol­id ground. The lack of hav­ing a well-round­ed set of val­ues that tied up every­thing was start­ing to show up in a way we need­ed to face. More­over, the full oppo­site atti­tude was to slow down our rhythm and embrace (once again) the com­fort zone that we all love in a way or anoth­er. But we admit that wasn’t a rea­son­able choice any­more.

The new pix­el­grade brand­ing sys­tem allows us to con­tin­ue our cre­ative play.

There­fore, the new brand­ing approach was not only elo­quent for the new-us, but it also quick­ly became a must-have for our desired evo­lu­tion. There­fore, we find a lot of mean­ing into our actu­al sto­ry which is designed around the pix­el that val­ues the human touch:

In every endeav­our, he is ful­ly aware that peo­ple come first. They are the ones who make him tick and who give him rea­sons to con­tin­ue to become bet­ter. Who impacts his adven­tur­ous jour­ney. He likes lis­ten­ing to them, spend­ing qual­i­ty time togeth­er and cre­ate strong rela­tion­ships. Ask­ing why is the liai­son that brings every­one around the same table, while con­nect­ing the dots is what boosts grat­i­tude. Togeth­er we’re part of some­thing big­ger and greater.

Start­ing from there, we were putting the puz­zle togeth­er and increased our excite­ment to get things done in an out­stand­ing way. The future began to become brighter.

There’s a bold beginning

We have a web­site and a shop that ful­ly rep­re­sents our team and what we stand for. We have a sto­ry that is con­sis­tent, and that brings mean­ing for all of us: crew, cus­tomers, and busi­ness as a whole. The new brand­ing adven­tures are all about us and our poten­tial. It offers a lot of free­dom, but it also high­lights how much we care about peo­ple as a cre­ative force: from design to devel­op­ment, from mar­ket­ing to cus­tomer ser­vice and back­ward.

We like cel­e­brat­ing small and big wins. We’re five years old, and we’re grate­ful for the love­ly peo­ple we have on board.

The fun­ny thing is that all hap­pened near to our 5 years Birth­day Par­ty. We cel­e­brat­ed the new pix­el­grade in a prop­er way: gath­er­ing the right peo­ple to spend a love­ly time and share mem­o­ries that influ­enced our evo­lu­tion. It was a blast, so big thanks to all of you!

In some regards, the chal­lenges aren’t over. Not even far. In fact, we deeply feel that this is the start to a chal­leng­ing future from so many points of view. We are excit­ed to con­tin­ue to expand our port­fo­lio by build­ing Word­Press themes that solve real prob­lems and bring mean­ing into people’s lives.

We will con­tin­ue to improve our cus­tomer ser­vice by shap­ing a love­ly expe­ri­ence, main­tain a rel­e­vant doc­u­men­ta­tion, and offer extra ser­vices for bet­ter results. And, on top of that, last but not least, we will focus on becom­ing a bet­ter team, both on a col­lec­tive and indi­vid­ual lev­el by empow­er­ing peo­ple, fos­ter­ing cre­ativ­i­ty, and chang­ing behav­iors with grace and good intents.

We can’t wait to make a dent in the uni­verse. We’re ready to play, how about you?


I'm a daydreaming designer with a desire to improve the world, to be a good and a meaningful person. I value calm but easily get excited by the next challenge.