Transparency Report #13 Pixelgrade

Transparency Report #13: underwater is breathtaking

Swimming with our heads underwater managed to open our eyes in ways we never experienced before at Pixelgrade. And hey, we’re turning 10 in the fall.

Transparency Report #11: adjusting is mandatory

Discover how the first six months of the challenging year 2020 impacted us. We’re grateful for how we’ve been navigating these murky waters so far.

Creating a customer review system for your site

Discover how we collect authentic reviews from our customers and learn how you can do that too.

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #10: hell and heaven at once

We’re quite emotional to see where we landed at the end of 2019. The last six months put us at hard work and big questions. We learned how to walk them through on our rhythm.

Discover the full process of creating Rosa 2

Meet Rosa 2: A brand new way to create restaurant websites with WordPress

Learn more about how we build a new product on top of Gutenberg and why it is the best option to create outstanding websites from now on.

Media Card Block

Often a featured message is more readily remembered if complemented by a matching visual. The Media Card block helps you manage such areas with ease. Use it to display media objects like images, alongside short pieces of content. It could be anything from a portrait image accompanying a summary of your About page; a visual […]

Food Menu Block

Use the Food Menu block to display a list of food or drink items available at your venue. Whether you want to create a new menu or change it on a daily basis, it’s all very simple to manage and suitable for all your needs. Make your audience drooling every time they visit your website. […]

Map Block

Use the Map bock to display an interactive map and show the location of your venue. Place this block on your Contact page or at the bottom of your front page, making it that much easier to get your customers on the front door. We all want to save time when searching such details, so […]

Announcement Bar Block

An announcement bar lets everyone visiting your site know about an important message that you want to communicate: latest news, an offer, a special event, etc. You can also find this block mentioned as Promo Bar, Welcome Header Bar or Top Bar and it’s basically the same concept. Whether you have an announcement for a promotion or […]

Create a website in any language you want to reach a wider audience

How to create a multilingual website on WordPress

We live in a cosmopolitan world, where we’re exposed to different languages and cultures. Learn how to create a flawless digital experience for your website visitors.

Slideshow Block

Use the Slideshow block to display a gallery of images in a single, coveted space. It helps you keep your visitors immersed and willing to discover more about your project. Learn how to wisely use one by reading this article. Add a Slideshow Block To add a Slideshow block to your content click the ⊕ inserter button inside the editor […]

Hero Block

A Hero block is usually the first thing your visitors see, making it a great spot to get them acquainted with your catchy content. Controlled by a smooth parallax scrolling and featuring a fullscreen background image or video, this is the perfect place to make a great first impression. You can also find this block […]

Pixelgrade Transparency Report #9: the costs of change

Learn more about what we managed to achieve in the last six months of activity at Pixelgrade.

How to choose the right photography theme for your website

In this article we give photographers a glimpse into how we believe building an outstanding website should unravel.

WordCamp Europe 2019: why it felt tricky for us?

WordCamp Europe 2019 was quite challenging on so many levels. We turned back home with a lot of food for thought.