How to insert Ads on the Blog Archive Page

Making money as a blogger is a common strategy for those who plan to invest in their online presence. There are several ways to achieve this kind of financial security, and one of them is by inserting ads within your content. We highly recommend you to choose the type of ads carefully by always thinking […]

How to display the “About Me” widget?

The best way to build trust is by being transparent and straightforward. Your description on the website matters on multiple levels: on the one hand, it is a quick way of creating a connection between the content and the person behind the scenes, and on the other, people can get a clue about who you […]

How to Add ”Author Info” at the End of Blog Posts?

If you want to give a personal touch to your blog, you can display an Author Info Box at the end of each blog post. This way, you can share details like a short description, an avatar, links to all articles and your social media accounts. This is also very useful if you run a […]

How to use the Excerpt in WordPress?

There are a few of WordPress’s core functionalities that can help you better manage your content. Therefore, in the next few lines, we want to show you how you can easily customize the auto-generated content from the archive’s posts (including how to delete it in no time). Before starting, please bear in mind that WordPress automatically displays a […]

How to find the Page ID?

There are situations when knowing a Page ID might be helpful. All you have to do is going to your WordPress Dashboard site, click on the page that you need an ID for and look at the address bar – there you’ll see a number that represents the Page ID.

Managing Sliders

We all know that sliders are very popular and people just can’t get enough of them. No wonder that Mies comes with a bunch of flexibility in this area. In this article, I will show you how to easily get a slider, what kind of sliders are available, and what are the possibilities you can […]

Managing the MegaMenu System

As you can see in our demo, we have integrated a nifty mega menu system that allows you to display the latest posts from a certain category (or post format) in the form of post cards or slider plus post cards (it’s your choice). How to add and configure the MegaMenu To add it to […]

Managing the Page Builder

Bucket comes packed with a custom page builder to allow you to create a multitude of static page layouts for your home page or other internal pages. You can see this in action in our demo home page or the other example pages: So how do you get to have such cool […]

Managing Widgets

To help you further customize your sidebars and footer, we’ve come up with a series of custom-coded widgets that integrate beautifully with your theme. You can find the widgets by navigating to Appearance → Customize → Widgets. Once you are there, select the widget area where you want to add widgets and click on Add […]

Customizing menu items hover color

Bucket gives you the option to select a different color for every single post category. This article will show you the steps you have to take if you want to change the color of the menu on hover for every category button. In this example, we will use four categories: Traveling with the blue color, Weekly Pics with the yellow […]

Adding a fullscreen image background

Bucket offers a boxed layout so you can add a fullscreen image background. Let me show you how easy it is to do this. First, navigate to Appearance → Customize → Bucket Style and activate the Boxed Layout option from the bottom. Then go to Appearance → Customize → Background Image and choose a background […]

Adding custom colors for post categories

If you want to change the page accent color for a specific category and the posts in that category, you can use the color picker present when editing that category. To edit a category, navigate to Posts → Categories → select a specific category from the list, and change the Category Custom Accent Color. That is it. Now the category […]

How to Prevent Mega Menu Titles from being Truncated?

Because the Mega Menu has a fixed height, the titles from post cards are truncated to two lines of text by default. However, if you don’t like this compromise, here are a few alternatives that you may try to find what fits best for you. Each solution is CSS based, so you need to add the snippet to […]

Removing Avatar Hovercards

The avatars in WordPress are provided by their service called Gravatar. If you have the Jetpack plugin activated, WordPress will show a card when you hover over the avatar image. This card contains a link to the user’s Gravatar profile. You can disable this behavior if you navigate to Settings → Discussion → scroll down […]

Adding a video in sliders and blog posts

You can attach a Youtube or Vimeo video to any of your images. To do that, click on the Add Media button and select an image from your Media Library. In the right panel, you will see a field where you can input a Youtube or Vimeo link. By doing so, when you’ll use that image in a […]