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A magazine–style theme designed exclusively to suit all the needs of a promising fashion blogger.

Theme HotSpots

Discover how Silk will help you build a great blog

  1. Exquisite Design To Make you Stand Out from the Crowd

    SILK is all about beautiful! Delicate typography, finely detailed elements and subtle interactions is what you need to make your site look trully remarkable. There is power in the details and you know it!

  2. Stay Social Connected and Increase Fan Engagement

    With SILK it’s easy to get your content out into the world! Add your social networks across the header, showcase your latest Instagram shots, let your visitors share your content from the sidebar or ask them to subscribe for the newsletter.

  3. Personalize to Match Your Style

    We know that everybody has it’s own style, so we made it easy for you to change the design to reflect your preferences. Using an intuitive interface you can change colors, fonts, layout sizes or even create your own word mark using the unique Smart Logo Creator.

The Only WordPress Theme That Keeps Your Site As Fashionable As You!
“I am really happy that I chose a theme from PixelGrade for my magazine! The design is superb, smart and very elegant and the team behind, has proven to be extremely helpful for a complete newbie like me. Every time I’ve needed their help, they have been there to assist and guide me. I truly consider PixelGrade a huge, crucial part of Rakontant.” María González Picatoste – editor at Rakontant MagMaría González Picatoste - editor at Rakontant Mag

Mobile-Ready and Responsive for All Devices

Silk knows how much you love your content and how critical it is to showcase it beautifully to all of your users, no matter the device they happen to use.

You can be sure that Silk will keep your content completely mobile-ready and responsive.


Your content. For Every Person

We have gone the extra mile to be accessibility-ready across the board so you show your visitors you truly care for each one of them.

Silk is aware of accessibility best practices such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, and form/link focus.


Social Icons for Those That Share

Make it easy for your visitors and present them with social icons links so they can stay connected with you through social media.

Simply add your social media URLs and your social icons will naturally appear bellow the main menu.


Good SEO Practices You Can Trust

Silk provide a solid foundation for all your specific SEO needs, so your content can shine among the rest by getting on the good side of search engines.

You get semantic markup filled with all the right data to make sure that your content gets easily discovered by search engines.


Your Site In Your Own Language

Silk is ready to be translated into whatever language you choose. We provide the .po file so you can get translating right away with PoEdit. If you are a WPML fan you can rest assured that Silk is fully compatible.

Out of the box you get German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish, Hebrew, Persian and Japanese translations.


Only Clean Code Will Do You Good

Writing clean, structured, consistent, smart code means that it can be easily extended by you or any developer you hire.

Improper and deprecated code can break layouts, corrupt data, or worse. With Silk, nothing but the latest WordPress features and standards are used.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Having bad refund policies is enraging, making you feel like the company is just trying to rip you off. We never want our customer to feel that way, so our refund policy is straightforward and simple. You have 30 days of test–driving and if you're unhappy with it, for any reason, just drop us an email at and we'll take care of you.

Support Best-In-Business

We live by making our clients happy and if you had anything less than a great experience with this theme please contact us now. We are here to ensure your experience using our themes is as pleasant and easy as possible.

Check the Help Guide or Ask Us A Question.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I Get Free Updates?

    Yep! Silk comes with 1 year of on-click automatic and pain-free updates. Just smooth cruising from now on!

  • What’s your refund policy?

    Our goal is to always be fair and reasonable. The refund policy isn't any different: 30-days “No Questions Asked”.

  • Is my site secure with your theme?

    We're commited to making and keeping our themes as secure as possible. You can count on us to fix any issues that might arise in the shortest time possible.

  • Is it allowed to customize a theme?

    Yes, all of our themes are licensed under GPLv2 (or later) (like WordPress itself) so you can customize them with no restrictions. Go build something awesome and share it with us!.

  • What will I need to use this theme?

    Things are quite straight forward: first you need a domain and a hosting service; then you install WordPress (self-hosted). Now you are ready to install the theme. As for plugins, we make good use of the awesome Jetpack and our own Customify plugins.

  • What’s your support policy?

    We live by making our clients happy and our Helpdesk aims to ensure that you will have the best experience possible with our themes. Our support policy is simple and decent: we are nice and reasonable with you; we expect that in return.

  • Why I should use WordPress?

    WordPress powers 23% (and counting) of all websites on the Internet. Due to it’s robust features and active development, many of the top brands use WordPress to power their websites.

  • Any other questions we can answer?

    If you still have questions, check out the dedicated FAQ page or simply drop us a note on and we will be happy to clear things for you.