Galleries and Slideshows

We all love photos, mostly because they capture unique moments and bring life and color into our digital (blogs, websites, and portfolios) and non-digital lives as well. Each set of images has a different look-and-feel, allowing you to display your content in bold and exciting ways.

Image galleries are a lovely way to share your pictures with friends, family, and your growing community. An image gallery will display a set of small images attached to a particular post or page.

Jetpack is a reliable and easy-to-use plugin that enables a set of two new gallery styles: Slideshow and Tiled Galleries.

By using this plugin you can immediately give a fresh look to your galleries. On top of that, you have the chance to use different styles for your galleries like in the following table:

Thumbnail GridDisplays the images in a fixed height regular grid.YesYes
MasonryDisplays images stacked on each other.YesYes
TiledDisplays images in a mosaic-style layout.NoNo
SlideshowDisplay one image at a time and it’s great for showing entire images.NoNo

To insert the gallery on your post or page, just simply follow these to-the-point steps:

  1. Click on Add Media button at the top of the page, right under the title bar;
  2. Select Create Gallery from the left side of the popup window;
  3. Choose all the images that you would like to have in your gallery;
  4. Select the type of the gallery that you would like to approach using the Type field on the right side;
  5. Simply click on Insert Gallery.

If you would like to find out extra details about creating a gallery, you can check this article any time you want: Insert an Image Gallery.

It’s good to know that you can take the management of galleries to the next level and manage gallery styles. All these advanced options give you more control over the size of thumbnails and many other elements.

Updated on May 19, 2022

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