Why isn’t my listing displayed on the map?

Creating a new listing on your website is a pretty straightforward process. You just fill a form with different details and hit the Publish button.

The Location address is a special section because the WP Job Manager plugin (the one which creates and manages everything related to the listings) takes this value and passes it to Google Maps API.

The Google Maps API sends back different details like address, country, the city, as well as geolocation latitude and longitude. Using these last two values, the map (from the listings archive or from the right side of the page when you check the listing) is created.

In the situation when this particular map is not working properly on your website, you have to:

  • Edit the listing (in the Dashboard area) and make sure that you have the geolocation_lat and geolocation_long fields at the bottom of the page;
  • If these two fields are not available, check if you added the Google Maps API key to the Listings → Settings → Google Maps API key field. Even if this field is set up correctly, you should go to this page, generate a new key for your website and replace the old one.

Now all you have to do is go back to the listings that don’t display the map, edit them, and just hit the Update button. This way, the two missing fields will be generated and get everything back to normal.

How can I generate the API key the right way?

The whole process is pretty simple. You can learn about the process of generating a Google Maps API key by reading this article.

What should I do if I already added the API key but the map is still not working for some listings?

Adding an address to a listing is like using it directly in Google Maps. If the address that you’re trying to use is not returning any result, it won’t generate a map for the listing either. In this specific case, you should try to slightly change the structure of the address (remove some specific details like district or number, for example). If the address works in Google Maps it will work on your website too.

Updated on October 18, 2022

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