Managing Related Projects and Posts

The Related Projects section allows you to show contextual posts or projects to your visitors which might be interested in reading similar topics.

Step 1 – Install YARPP

You can simply install and activate YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin) by going into the Plugins → Add New page.

Step 2 – Configure YARPP

In order to benefit from this, first, you have to configure it from Settings → YARPP:

  1. Make sure you set “the pool” where the posts to be considered from (Posts, Pages, Galleries, Projects).
  2. Set Maximum number of related posts to 3.
  3. Select a Custom method of displaying and then Related Articles or Related Projects as Template file so you can use the custom format provided by the theme. We will automatically choose between the two custom templates depending on if we are displaying a post or a project.

*Note: By default, you’ll most likely have no related posts because the default “match threshold value” is too high. In order to avoid this, first, set the threshold value to 1.

You can check the settings we recommend for YARPP plugin, in the screenshot attached below:

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Updated on June 28, 2021

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