Managing Galleries

As galleries are at the core functionality of our Lens theme, we’ve prepared a straightforward management system, which will empower you to manage and enhance your work through galleries, in no time. You can add new galleries from Galleries → Add New page.

All you have to do in order to enrich your gallery with images is to click on Add Image and a modal window will show up (the Media Uploader). Here you can Drag & Drop images from your computer or add already uploaded images to the gallery.

*Note: In the same modal window, after adding images you can drag & drop them to change their order.

The galleries have a set of specific options that will allow you to control the layout & style. The Template Style option will allow you to specify whether your gallery will be a Grid Thumbnails, Masonry Thumbnails, Full Width Slider or a Full Screen Slider.

  • Grid Thumbnails — will display a grid with the images of your gallery.
    • Grid Thumbnails Orientation — Landscape or Portrait options to choose from, in order to display your images different orientation;
    • Gallery title box — You can choose to display the title on the gallery or not;
    • Exclude From Archives — Exclude the gallery from the galleries archives (main, categories, etc).
  • Masonry Thumbnails — will display a gallery with masonry layout.
    • Gallery title box — You can choose to display the title on the gallery or not;
    • Exclude From Archives — Exclude the gallery from the galleries archives (main, categories, etc).
  • Full Width Slider or Full Screen Slider — will display your images in a slideshow with or without the sidebar on the left side, depending wether if you select Full Width or Full Screen type of gallery. Videos will be also shown directly in the slider.
    • Image Scaling — Allows you to control how we will layout the images in the given screen space of the slider. The Fill option will stretch and crop your images to completely fill the space. The Fit option will shrink your images the completely fit in space without any cropping, but with empty spaces. The Fit if Smaller option is made to keep your small images their original size, if the screen that is used to see the gallery is bigger than the size of the image.
    • Show Nearby Images — Allows you to show the previous and the next image left and right of the main center image;
    • Slider Transition — Allows you choose whether the slides will move or fade when going to the next or previous slide;
    • Slider Autoplay — Allows you to set the slider to automatically start when loading the page. Once activated you have the option of setting the Autoplay Delay Between Slides (in milliseconds);
    • Exclude From Archives.

Every image from a gallery can behave as a holder of a YouTube or Vimeo video.

From the edit gallery modal window, when selecting an image, an optional Video URL input field will appear in the right sidebar. There you can paste a YouTube/Vimeo URL along with choosing if you want to Enable Video Autoplay option.

Note that image will open the video in a modal if is in a Gallery Grid or Masonry Template. If it’s in a slider, the video will be shown as a slide.

While you are still in the edit gallery modal, you should know that an image can also act as an external link. Which means that when you’ll click on the image it will open a new tab with the attached URL.

Well, this was a long one, right? Nonetheless, this is the backbone of Lens so we have put most of our effort into it. We hope you enjoy the tools we have devised to help you beautifully showcase your awesome creations.

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Updated on August 25, 2020

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