Personalizing your website’s appearance

Lens takes full advantage of the Customizer to manage the settings for your layout, spacings, sizes, and more as easily as possible.

And what better way to make style twists than with the live preview? Simply change any setting and see it take effect right way from Appearance → Customize. Make sure it represents your overall style and is in line with your brand personality. Consistency matters and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Theme Options

One of the most important customization component can be found under Appearance → Customize → Theme Options. Here you’ll see options related to Logo, Scrolling, Layout, you’ll be able to add share services, or play with your custom JavaScript snippets.


We created a dedicated documentation article that walks you through all the available options regarding colors. You can read it here.


Lens delivers the whole 600 Google Fonts library at your fingertips. You can read more about where to find the right fonts for your website and how to customize them in this article.


This section provides various options for both the Single and Archive area. You can show the share buttons in single projects, select between a Grid or Masonry layout for your Project Archives, set the number of projects per page, show the archive title, enable or disable infinite scroll, activate the portfolio filters, and more.


The Galleries section is just like the Portfolio one only that it takes care of your galleries.


This section allows you to change the blog settings in order to better match your personal style. You have the possibility of choosing the layout for single posts (split or classic), showing the share buttons in posts, choosing a layout for Blog Archives (Grid or Classic), adjusting the excerpt lenght, and changing the excerpt “More” text.

Add custom CSS code

You have the ability to insert your own custom CSS code straight into the Customizer and get a live preview of it. Go to AppearanceCustomizeAdditional CSS and add your custom code.

Updated on September 13, 2021

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