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As a wanna-be blogger it’s super easy to feel overwhelmed. Everything seems to be covered: from a wide range of topics to the advices regarding how to get traction, everything’s already there. But that doesn’t mean that the playground is closed. It’s still room for you to join the journey.

January 8, 2018
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As a coordinator of our affiliate program and a blogger myself I’ve been skimming through dozens of articles related to blogging and its universe. How to make money out of your blog? How to win your first 1K followers on Instagram? How to create long-term partnerships with big brands? How to build an audience around your interests? How to improve your writing skills?

Everything has at least dozens of answers. Just give it a try, type on Google any of the above questions and you can get depressed, shut the computer, and go for a walk in the park. But hey, stop for a sec.

Do your research. Being well-informed and strongly committed can lead you far. The simple fact that you land now in this tribe give you a tremendous advantage: everything you dream of is at your fingertips.

By the way, by 2020, the number of bloggers in the U.S. is set to reach 31.7 million.

Three ways in which we can help you shape a promising start for your blogging journey so that you aren’t caught off the guard:

#1 — The right solution for your context

More than six months ago we created Pixelgrade Club as a response to your particular pain. You get not only full access to a growing collection of our best blogging WordPress themes, but also an educational onboarding.

We assist you with what you should know to launch your blog in no more than 14 days — this equals the free trial period, which means you jump in this adventure with zero costs upfront.

Our portfolio includes themes tailored to specific industries and solve real digital needs. Start with the one you believe fits your purposes and switch between them when you feel it’s not the right mojo. It’s never been easier to change the look-and-feel of your website, and this is crucial when you are in your early days of blogging.

Small Tip: Search for flexible solutions and partners since it’s a learning-by-doing kind of process and it’s hard to draw steady decisions from day one.

#2 — Customer support to watch your back

We’re proud to say that we’ve been always aiming to deliver the best experience to our customers. No matter if they bought the cheapest or the most expensive product, if they wrote us in a broken English or with loads of respect, if they were throwing too many questions or they understood that it takes two to tango, we put our best work to meet their expectations.

For us, an experience is defined by the great feeling of being part of an authentic story. We treat our customers as our business partners and we genuinely care about their success in the digital world. In the end, if they make it we can continue crafting even better WordPress themes.

You will need customer support, that’s for sure. No matter how easy and convenient is the journey, any fresh blog will face certain struggles, even though some of them might not be related with the theme per se. We’re here to help and to assist you along the way, no matter the nature of your curiosities.

Small Tip: Look after collaborations where the customer support approach is top-notch, but also with a human touch, because you are going to actively need it.

#3 — Consistency to keep the momentum

Consistency and perseverance are mandatory when it comes to building a digital reputation that makes a difference. Therefore, we developed an internal system to offer continuous updates for our WordPress themes, so that you can focus on what you know best: expressing your ideas.

We even provide access to adjacent tools of customisations to make sure that your blog defines you and you develop an emotional connection with it. Duplicating the demo means scratching the surface, but you can go way further with our products and make it truly yours.

Maybe it’s hard for you to imagine the future since you’re barely getting your ducks in a row, but trust me that there’s no better way to think about this aspects. You will thank us later on.

Small Tip: Invest in durable relationships that bring you real value by offering results that you can’t provide at this point, but will definitely help you stand out.

I’m here to help you create a fabulous blog

Express your ideas better next to me.

Get started now

I totally support you to allow yourself to start a blog right away. One that you will feel proud to show your friends, to constantly write on it, to share it on social channels, to endorse your ideas and beliefs. Ignore the I-know-it-all kind of attitude that can be intimidating, and focus on what makes you-you.

Give us a ping (e-mail tweet, comment, pigeon) if you need a helping hand to make it happen. Or get a theme from our shop and take it from there. It’s your call and the perfect timing to enter the game. This could be an inspiring first story on your blog, that’s for sure. 🙌

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