A Few Takeaways From WordCamp Bucharest

We’re keen to attend WordCamp events mostly because we genuinely believe in the power of meaningful connections. Communities such as WordPress are an excellent source of learning and growing.

October 13, 2017
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Alin, Radu, and Vlad from our team went to WordCamp Bucharest, and they’re confident this kind of events help them become better players. I asked them how did this experience shape their perspective, and I gathered insights that might convince you to stick to future episodes of WordCamp, no matter if you’re a freelancer, an employee, a contributor or just a WordPress believer.

I came back with more trust in the Romanian WordPress community (it’s larger than I thought).

Vlad on the Need of Creating Stronger Bonds

This was my first WordCamp Bucharest, and it was refreshing to be part of it. I have previously been to two WordCamp Europe events, but the experience is quite different. Not better, nor worst, but I managed to get complementary results from these two events.

The smaller scale of this WordCamp allowed for a sense of coziness and intimacy with the other attendees. I managed to have more personal and relaxed interactions with the others without feeling rushed by the endless number of people buzzing around me, as I felt at the European event. I believe this will lead to stronger ties with some of them.

The second gift that I got by attending the conference (and contributor day) is the moral and energy boost that I managed to extract from the crowd. I came back with more trust in the Romanian WordPress community (is larger than I thought), with a much-needed joy that there are other entrepreneurs in Romania (and its neighbors) that think and act like us. We are not alone! Yey!

Alin on the Power of Being Inspired

If you ever wondered what an active community is, don’t miss the next WordCamp. Attending for the second time to WordCamp Bucharest was a real achievement for me. I met amazing people with the same ambitions, and I realized how vital is to gather around and share knowledge, stories, and ideas.

The big win was to see how others are working and how they can achieve maybe more than I do, with the same amount of time and effort. The value of knowledge sharing is enormous, and this is what makes this kind of meetings a real blessing for me.

On top of that, I understood that this kind of meetings could also take place with a higher frequency in what we call local meetups. I’m now one of the people who want to build strong and powerful local meetups and can’t wait to do that in my town. I know who should I talk with about that, so I’m keen to make it happen.

The best part of attending this event is that everybody wants to help no matter their background or skill set.

Radu on the Joy of Helping Others

This WordCamp edition remembered me that there are a lot of people willing to do great things. Being a customer support and dealing with a bunch of tickets can frequently make me forget about the bigger picture.

However, the best part of attending this event is that everybody wants to help no matter their background or skill set. I think that this is where lies the particular value of the WordPress community: it makes you a better professional on multiple levels. Moreover, you actively help the community grow, which is priceless.

I would attend more similar events around the WordPress topic if I’d had the chance since it helps me be aware that I’m part of something bigger and better. And what else could keep my motivation up and kicking in the long run?

As Vlad would say ”One thing is guaranteed: WordPress and the WordPress community are stronger than ever.” The truth is that this ecosystem’s success and consistency lie in each of us, and by embracing such events we only show support and gratitude, and this is priceless. See you at the next WordCamp! 👋

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