What Is the Difference between Rosa and Osteria?

Rosa is our flagship restaurant WordPress theme, and it’s one of the most famous product in this particular niche. It was launched three years ago, and it’s constantly being improved thanks to the in-depth feedback we’re receiving from our customers. It works flawlessly so that you can create a website without losing too much time, effort or money.

However, we took everything we learned in these years, and we invested this knowledge into building a new, even more powerful and solid theme.

Osteria is built on a new set of in-house developed components that offer a higher level of flexibility. While with Rosa you can easily do some styling changes, with Osteria you can go a step further since you have a better control of the elements.

On top of that, the new Demo Content is more than a showcase of its features. We closely analyzed many restaurant websites, and we figured it out a consistent User Flow. This way, your visitors can perform specific tasks aligned with your Key Business Goals (i.e. make an online reservation in no time, read your food menu with ease or learn more about your business in general).

Besides that, we added new features like an improved food menus system, a simpler way to display your opening hours, background video for the hero area, support for more reservations forms and many others.

We constantly improve all of our themes and apply the lessons learned from one to another. Both Rosa and Osteria will do their job well and help you create a stunning website, but we highly recommend you to pay attention to your goals and take a well-informed decision.

Osteria is the right choice if you want to:

  • achieve more flexibility in personalizing your site to fit your needs better
  • have an improved User Flow that you can use as a convenient starting point for your website
  • benefit of a new Food Menus structure, more versatile and straightforward to manage
  • use an Opening Hours system to show your availability
Updated on August 25, 2020

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