Adding your Logo

The logo is a crucial part of identifying a brand. It is what makes you-you as a symbol and a significant element to be recognized by the right people. Because of its huge relevance, we offer you two options to play with: you can add a graphic symbol (such as an image) or a text version (logotype). You choose a font, and we help you fine-tune the logo after its personality.

Of course, a stand-alone logo is not sufficient for creating a strong brand. You also need a system to correctly use all the elements: from logo to colors, from the visual identity to the verbal one. However, read further to learn what you need to do to insert a logo within your website correctly.

Before you start

In order to properly make things happen with the font, we highly suggest you take into consideration these factors:

  • File Formats
    You should be aware that a logo looks best in a .png or .svg format with a transparent background. If your logo file doesn’t have a transparent background, it’s likely that your logo will partly cover the background image.
  • Logo Size
    We encourage you to have a larger image for your logo. Try to use a high dimension of the logo, and we’ll do the rest by scaling it. This way the logo will adapt to any screen size (both desktop and mobile).

Adding a Logo Image

Now that you know what’s better to do when setting up your logo, here’s what you have to do in order to upload it on your WordPress site:

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance → Customize → Site identity → Logo
  2. Click the Select Logo button to open the Media Manager in the new panel that opens out.
  3. Select an image that’s already in your Media Library, or upload a new one.
  4. When you finish, you’ll see the logo in the preview window.
  5. To activate the logo on your site, click the Publish button.

It couldn’t be easier than that, and you’ve already made an important step in order to personalize your upcoming website.

Using a Text Version

If you don’t have any graphic symbol that stands for your business, we recommend you choose the text option instead. It’s a good switch if you’re careful with details like the font and its size.

In this case, simply use the Site Title field under Site Title & Logo.

Changing the Logo height

If your logo does not appear at the preferred size on your website, have no worries; you can adjust it in a few easy steps.

To change the logo height, follow the steps below:

  • In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance Editor;
  • In the top bar, click the down-facing arrow next to the Page text and click on Browse all templates;
  • In the left sidebar, click the Template Parts area then select the Header from the list of options;
  • Using the List View, click the Header block;
  • In the right sidebar, select the Header Layout option. Once you open it, you will see Logo Height and Mobile Logo Height settings that you can easily adjust.
  • Click the Save button once you’re done.

Here’s a video with all the steps I mentioned.

How to change the Logo height
Updated on July 26, 2022

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