Creating the About Page

The About page is the hotspot of your website. No matter how great your work is or how many great clients you list into your portfolio area, people do business with folks who have similar values. With other words, how you choose to present yourself says something about how you are, and can impact the way you manage your business.

In this article, we will walk yours through the main steps you need to follow to create an About page that tells a story in a catchy way. What follows is a list o suggestion to get closer to our demo, but don’t’ hesitate to achieve even better results.

Step 1 – The About section

For our demo, we create a page called Profile. What makes this one so special is the bold use of the shortcodes along with some child pages (About, The Team, Culture, and Clients).

To create the first section you just need to log into WordPress Dashboard, create a new Page, and insert the desired content in the Description field of the Hero Area Section (screenshot). We’ve hidden the subtitle and the title by inserting a space character into their corresponding fields. Onward, you’ll see that we’ve also added a button via button section from PixCodes shortcode.

[button link="#"]Find Out More[/button]

The next segment of this section is built with the content being split into two columns (by using PixCodes as well, of course). You can easily play around with them to highlight whatever you think helps you. However, we suggest to keep focus on the destination of this page, so maybe a short story about you or your business should be enough.

Step 2 – The Team section

Using the same system of creating columns, you can create a stunning presentation of your team. Maybe you’re not a one-man-show, and you’d like to make room for your teammates. There’s not much to say in terms of how you can achieve a great result. Basically, you can create how many columns you need, and add representative images for each. The right size for a spotless result is around 400×500 pixels.

Bare in mind that this section should solve a basic need: people need to get a clue about their future collaborators, so don’t play around just for the sake of it. Make sure you deliver the right message.

Step 3 – The Culture section

We created a section that contains three slides to make the most out of the Slider option from PixCodes shortcode. As you can see, we offer plenty of freedom regarding the way you can use this plugin. However, what is important to understand is the transition animation between slides is set to move, and the navigation is based on using the arrows and bullets style.

Of course, you can rethink the entire approach of creating the About page since you have so many available options. In the end, what truly matters is how you adjust everything to your unique branding system, and you story.

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Updated on August 25, 2020

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